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May 29th, 2018


Good Morning Riverside


Next year, Riverside is planning on starting up a math club. If you have a passion for math and enjoy solving challenging math problems, this club is for you. If you are interested, stop by and see Mr. Franz in 218J for more info. 

All Riverside library materials are due. Please return books to the circulation desk at anytime throughout the day. There are no more book checkouts for the year.  

JRW students: If you did not order a book online you can purchase any extras we have for 20 dollars while supplies last!  Leftover books can be purchased in the JRW office.  

Are you a dancer?  You should come tryout and be a part of the Riverside Regiment Dance team for next year.  Clinics will be held today and tomorrow.  The actual tryout will be on Tuesday, May 29th.

Please pick up an informational packet from the Riverside office or from the band directors.



Want to give back to the school that gave you so much? Want to do a good deed? This is your chance!!!!

You can donate your TI 83 (or better) graphing calculator to the school. Our hope is to help out students who do not have the means to purchase a graphing calculator. We are hoping to collect enough calculators (with your help) so that each math teacher at RHS can have a few on hand to lend out during class. Think about the difference this calculator has made in your life. Imagine if you didn't have one each and every class period!

You can drop off your calculators in 205J with Miss Noll. Prizes will be involved!!!!! Start donating! Spread the word! Do your thing seniors! 

Thank you so much in advance to each of you that donate. 

Thank you, Riverside!