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Advisory is a 40 minute period that takes place during your child’s day at LaMuth. It is a place where they will be able to discuss and participate in activities that will reinforce positive self-esteem, team work, participate in our anti-bullying program, organization, academic support and being part of LaMuth’s school community as well as the community in which we live. As your child’s liaison, our team would like you to contact us first for anything that you might have questions about regarding classes, behaviors, problems etc.

As we begin a new school year, we are looking forward to getting to know your child. Please fill out the "Million Words or Less" document sent out by Mr. Rateno in the parent newsletter. This document gives us a way to understanding your child's talents, interests, health needs, or family and will help us to better meet the needs of your child during this year. (For example: Sally gets anxious on tests, has difficulty completing homework, loves math and extra challenges, etc.) You know your child and we truly appreciate any time you can take to complete this activity. Thank you in advance.

Mrs. Vernon