Transition to Remote Learning for All Students
Due to the increased spread of COVID-19, as well as the amount of staff required to quarantine by the Lake County General Health District, all students (grades Pre-K-12) will transition to remote learning until at least the end of Winter Break.

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Guidance Department

Guidance Department

Welcome to the LaMuth Middle School Guidance Department

The LMS Guidance Department consists of two guidance counselors, Mrs. Francis and Mrs. Falvey. Our office is located in the main office on the first floor of the middle school.

You may contact the counselors by:

Guidance Counselors can help with:

Ø Answering questions regarding your child’s schedule.

Ø Discussing concerns about your child’s well-being, grades or organizational skills. 

Ø Coordinating communication between the parents and teachers. 

Ø Conflict Resolution between students.

Ø Referring parents to community programs and resources.

Healthy Habits for a Happy School Year


  • First, get to know your child’s teachers. Try to attend open house and conferences when possible to learn first hand about your child’s day and also to meet the teachers. 
  • If you have any issues, contact a member of your child’s team or one of the counselors. Communicate any concerns quickly.
  • Remind your child to use his/her assignment notebook every day for every class. 
  • Utilize the Parent Portal.

Study Habits:

  • Studying is done best in a quiet environment without distractions. Please provide your child with good writing space, ample light and a quiet work environment. 
  • Parents should check homework assignments. If it doesn’t look good, make them do it again. Students need to take pride in their work.

Rest and Nutrition:

  • A good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast ensure that your child will not be distracted from school work.
  • Middle schoolers need more sleep and healthy food because they are growing so quickly. Believe it or not, it is reported that middle schoolers need between 10 and 11 hours of sleep a night. Pop consumed at bedtime may also reduce sleep time. Make it a rule - nothing with caffeine after 4 or 5 pm.
  • Limit TV exposure by keeping the TV out of the bedroom. 

Prepare in Advance:

  • Help your child get organized for the school day the night before by packing bookbags and lunches, laying out clothes, and preparing supplies for the next school day. This avoids the stress of last minute preparations, and gives you an opportunity for a less hurried goodbye in the morning. 
  • Make a chart of your child’s home responsibilities and post it in a prominent place. Teach responsibility and accountability at home.
  • Keep a master calendar so you can see at a glance everyone’s activities. Include school events, major projects due at school, sports and activities, and doctor appointments. 
  • Children can be too busy or not busy enough. Over-scheduling leads to fatigue and stress. Please make sure that children are not overscheduled with activities. Balance is the key.

Quality Time: 

  • Spend time with your child. We all seem to be so busy these days, but the investment of your time is the best thing you can give your child. Be involved in your child’s life. As they grow older and are faced with more choices, they need you more now than ever before. Set aside individual time with each child. Think about how good you feel when someone sets time aside just for you. Go out for a walk down the street, in the park or along the beach. This small investment of your time will reap huge future benefits.
  • Get to know your child’s friends and the parents. Always know where your child is.
  • Try to have a family dinner several times a week. Talk about the day’s activities and any upcoming events. 
  • Ask about their concerns and share with them their joys. Ask questions. Take time to find out what is going on in your child’s life.

The Compass Line helps Lake County residents find community resources to help with issues like family violence, drug/alchohol abuse, depression and many more.

National Bully Prevention Center

Website pertaining to parenting a Middle Schooler offers advice for parents on many topics