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Superintendent's Message - Dr. James P. Kalis

Superintendent's Message - Dr. James P. Kalis The Riverside Local School District is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for all of our students. We set high expectations for ourselves and our students. With the work that has already been done on our Strategic Plan, the ongoing development of a District Facilities Master Plan, and the fiscally responsible decisions that have been made, there is a strong foundation in place from which we build upon to accomplish our goals.

As our mission expresses, “Through a culture of excellence, immerse students in educational opportunities and empower them to excel in an interconnected world,” we will ensure that our students - and graduates - will have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to achieve their goals and aspirations. As a Professional Learning Community, it is vital to our success that we seek out and use the most valued and reliable research available, comparing our district and student performances with state and national K-12 educational organizations. We must continue to work to strategically align our resources which will positively impact and maximize student learning and operational efficiencies.

At the same time that we are working toward meeting these goals, we face many new challenges, including an economic climate that impacts our current and future funding. In order to manage these challenges we will continue to evaluate our operations in order to effectively and efficiently align our resources to our strategic goals, we will utilize shared service models, and we will continue to seek out innovative and new partnerships along with future grant opportunities. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 440.352.0668.


Dr. James P. Kalis
Riverside Local School District