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Third Grade


YMCA Health Challenge is on.  The challenge runs for 6 weeks.  Kids are bringing home a card with things to focus on for the challenge. 
What's Happening in Third Grade:  Week of February 1st.
Writing:  Students are working on writing opinion pieces and will soon pick a favorite to turn into a persuasive speech.  It is tricky but the kids are working hard to do their best work.  
Spelling-  Our spelling is embedded in the writing program.  Today the kids learned strategies to edit as they write and try to look at words and use what they know about spelling patterns to spell correctly.  
Language- Daily language week 20.   They will have a language quiz on Friday.   We will also learn about some other language strategies through our writing and reading workshops. 
Reading: Kids are reading a Magic Tree House book with a group.  On Friday they will read a nonfiction article and take a test that will help me to see how they are doing when answering questions.   
Homework: Students will continue to use their reading log in class and at home.  I am happy with the progress of their at home reading.  
Social Studies: Students are reading about Ohio inventors.  There is an inventor quiz on Wednesday.
Science: Students are learning about states of matter.  
November 9 LSA meeting 7-8 
November 11 conferences 4-8
November 17 conferences 4-8 
November 25 Thanksgiving break  begins 

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