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5th Grade Social Studies


   Welcome to Mrs. Kovatch's 5th grade Social Studies class! My goal this year is to prepare all 5th graders with a "tool kit" of strategies important to achievement and critical thinking skills in the study of our world, its history, geography and cultures. An emphasis is also put on developing your ability to make informed and logical arguments. I have an assortment of daily and weekly learning activities planned that I know you will enjoy. 

   Our 5th grade social studies learning environment is shaped by three beliefs:

1)   Every child can succeed.

2)   A child's best preparation for life is to develop the capacity for independent learning.

3)   The child must actively engage in learning, based on a solid set of self-management and personal organization skills.

   First, I would like to go over a few classroom rules and procedures that will help ensure your success in social studies this year. 

Expectations - All students are expected to respect themselves and others by being prompt, prepared, polite and productive. Your citizenship grade will be based upon meeting these expectations daily. 

•Beginning class - Each day there will be a starter activity for you to complete. You will have approximately 5 minutes to write the answers on your paper. All work is to be completed in pencil.  We will check all answers together!

   Do not forget your supplies!!! You will not be allowed to return to your room for any work! 

   You will be given a weekly Social Studies folder on Monday that you may work on throughout the week. It is due on my desk on Fridays (or sooner) with all questions answered in complete sentences. (Many students who do not participate in band will use their class time to finish this assignment and turn it in early--provided any previous assignments/requirements are fulfilled.) Every week’s assignment is worth 10 points which can be thought of as a weekly take-home quiz. Sounds pretty easy, huh?!  :-)

   Your workbook will be passed out to you upon your arrival to class and returned to the properly marked shelf at the completion of each day.   Any handouts you receive may be kept in your table folder for the next class or taken home for reference.

   I do not assign a lot of homework throughout the year (with the exception of the Weekly Geography.) When homework is assigned, unless specified otherwise, it will be due the following day. Even if homework is not assigned, you should spend at least 10 minutes of your nightly study time to review what you learned that day in social studies. Review your notes, reading, and/or class work for that day. This short activity will help you to retain and understand what you learned, and perform better in class and on assessments.

   You are responsible for completing any missed or incomplete assignments due to absences or tardiness. Your absent work needs to be completed in a timely manner, usually one extra day for each day of absence. If you are present the day before a quiz and then absent on the day of a quiz, you will be expected to take the quiz immediately upon your return to class.  

•Honesty and Integrity - As Social Studies students, you are expected to be models of integrity. Honesty, respect, and accountability are highly valued. All assignments are to be completed individually. Do NOT work on an assignment with another student unless you are assigned to groups in class. If two students turn in the same exact work and say they "worked together," they will both receive a "0" on the assignment. Copying another student's work, plagiarism, or cheating will result in a "0" on the assignment. Allowing another student to copy your work will earn you a "0" also.

   I’m looking forward to an exciting school year. Please let me know anytime if I can be of help you.


Mrs. “K”



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