5th Grade Science
  We will been studying Ecosystems for the first nine week grading period. Owl Pellet dissection will take place in late September. 

Life Sciences            
Diversity and Interdependence of Life        


1. Explain how almost all kinds of animals' food can be traced back to plants.

2. Describe the role of producers in the transfer of energy entering ecosystems as sunlight to chemical energy through photosynthesis.

3. Trace the organization of simple food chains and food webs (e.g., producers, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and decomposers).

4. Summarize that organisms can survive only in ecosystems    in which their needs can be met (e.g., food, water, shelter,    air, carrying capacity and waste disposal). The world has       different ecosystems and distinct ecosystems support the l     lives of different types of organisms.

5. Support how an organism's patterns of behavior are related to the nature of that organism's ecosystem, including the kinds and numbers of other organisms present, the availability of food and resources, and the changing physical characteristics of the ecosystem.

6. Analyze how all organisms, including humans, cause changes in their ecosystems and how these changes can be beneficial, neutral or detrimental (e.g., beaver ponds, earthworm burrows, grasshoppers eating plants, people planting and cutting trees and people introducing a new species).


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