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Beginning of the Year

Bench marking:  
To begin the school year, I will be finding your child's current reading level.  In teacher words, we call this bench marking.  Every teacher in the district uses the same bench marking system.  When I bench mark your child, he/she will read with me individually.  During that time, I keep track of errors and comprehension and listen to his/her fluency.  I use these scoring methods to determine your child's reading level.  I bench mark three times a year: August, January and May.  
In first grade, our classroom is filled a with a variety of readers.  I will have students come into first grade working on letter sounds, to students who are capable of reading chapter books.  This is why it's so important for me to bench mark your child, so I provide guided reading instruction at their instructional level.  Our goal, is to have 7 months growth from the beginning of the school year until the end of the school year. Every student is different, therefore every students' 7 month growth will be different. 
Becoming a reader happens at school and at home.  Your child will have a book log that needs to be filled out each night.  I ask that your child reads at least 10 minutes every night.  I promise you will see growth in your child's reading ability! 

Daily 5

In the beginning of the year, we spend a lot of our reading time learning how to be a reader.  We discuss ways to read a book, finding a good spot to read, finding good books that are "Just Right" for our reading level, and then proceed with more reading strategies and concepts such story elements, visualization, character traits, and more!  Reading is a very exciting time time in first grade!