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4th Grade Language Arts

Fourth Grade is an important year in a child’s reading life! Students have transitioned from “learning to read” to “reading to learn and understand. Fourth graders are expected to read more deeply, seeing more in the books they read. During our first reading unit, we will build an excitement around books and reading, and lay a foundation for the higher-level skills in units to come. Student will keep track of their reading and begin setting their own reading goals. They will also work with reading partners, and strengthen their ability to retell a text.

Unit Goals:

  • Readers keep track of their reading and set goals for themselves.

  • Readers retell including only the most important parts.

  • Readers find “just right” books based on their interest and ability.

  • Readers use partnerships to share books and thinking.

Some Skills and Strategies Taught in Unit #1:

  • Choosing “just right” books

  • Retelling techniques

  • Techniques for reading tricky words

Ways to support your child at home:

  • Visit your local library.

  • Find a favorite cozy reading spot in the house.

  • Show interest and excitement for what your child is reading!

  • Lead by example- What are you reading lately?