Curriculum Survey
The District is conducting a Curriculum Survey to garner responses from parents of students who have attended any of our schools (K-12) in the past two years. We are hoping to collect feedback in regards to the District’s: course offerings, college/career preparedness, progress and more.

Please consider taking a few minutes to complete the survey here.  
Riverside Local Schools
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Math/Science Homework

Students are to do the Xtramath program on at least 3 different days during the week.  The week begins on Friday after school and must be completed by the following Friday prior to the start of the school day. Students will earn 1 point for each day completed with a maximum of three points per week.  This is not optional... it is part of your child's homework grade.
Monday, Oct. 15th - Module 2 Lesson 10
Tuesday, Oct. 16th- Module 2 lesson 11
Wednesday, Oct. 17th- lesson 12
Thursday, Oct. 18th - lesson 13
Friday, Oct. 19th - lesson 14 
Monday, Oct. 22nd - Module 2 Lesson 15
Tuesday, Oct. 23rd- Module 2 lesson 16
Wednesday, Oct. 24th- lesson 17
Thursday, Oct. 25th - lesson 18 (Conferences for last names A-F tonight)
Friday, Oct. 26th - lesson 19