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Math/Science Homework

Students are to do the Xtramath program on at least 3 different days during the week.  The week begins on Friday after school and must be completed by the following Friday prior to the start of the school day. Students will earn 1 point for each day completed with a maximum of three points per week.  This is not optional... it is part of your child's homework grade.
Mon. Feb. 4th - No school 
Tue.  Feb. 5th - Module 5 Lesson 27
Wed. Feb. 6th - Module 5 Lesson 28
Thurs. Feb. 7th - Module 5 Lesson 29
Fri. Feb. 8th - End of Module 5 Review
Mon. Feb. 11th - Module 4 Lesson 1
Tue.  Feb. 12th - Module 4 Lesson 2
Wed. Feb. 13th - Field Trip
Thurs. Feb. 14th-  Valentine's Day no homework
Fri. Feb. 15th - Module 4 Lesson 3
Mon. Feb. 18th - No school
Tue.  Feb. 19th - Module 4 Lesson
Wed. Feb. 20th- Module 5 lesson
Thurs. Feb. 21st-
Fri. Feb.  22nd-
Mon. Feb. 25th-
Tue.  Feb. 26th-
Wed. Feb. 27th-
Thurs. Feb. 28th-