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The District is conducting a Curriculum Survey to garner responses from parents of students who have attended any of our schools (K-12) in the past two years. We are hoping to collect feedback in regards to the District’s: course offerings, college/career preparedness, progress and more.

Please consider taking a few minutes to complete the survey here.  
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Valaitis, Cathy

My Homepage

Hello my name is Cathy Valaitis and I am the 6th grade Physical Education teacher here at LaMuth Middle School. In hope to instil the love for physical activity and carry it throughout their middle and high school career and beyond. Please contact me at 440-354-4394 ext. 7152 or at
Welcome to 6th grade Physical Education 
Get Ready to Get in Shape!  
                           Get Strong!!
            Eat Healthy! And Have Fun!!!  
Questions and Concerns:  email me - 
    Don't forget your uniform and shoes daily!!!