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Welcome to ART!
Third Quarter News
       Welcome Back!  The third quarter is upon us and we have many creative projects ahead.
     This quarter Fifth Grade students will finish completing their symmetry projects and will begin learning about the works of Stuart Davis.  They will focus on color and repetition when they create their own collage using geometric and  organic shapes as well as different styles of font.  
     Fourth Graders are finishing their projects on Surrealism and will begin learning about overlapping and contrast when they draw winter wonderland landscapes.
      Third Graders will apply their knowledge of Space and Depth when the create a looming snowman.  They will then be introduced to Marc Franz and his use of using expressionistic color and contour lines to create paintings of animals.
      Second Graders are learning about Mosaic Art and the different types of material that are used to create mosaic designs.  They will later learn about Grant Wood and how to use proportions when drawing a foreground, middle ground, and background.
      First Graders created some realistic and abstract teddy bears using free form and geometric shapes.  They will be carrying these concepts over into an Up Close Snowman and some Dr. Suess characters.
      Kindergarten Students are using geometric shapes to create penguins in a wintery scene.  They will then use primary colors to show contrast when they recreate they background to Ezra Keats character Peter in a Snowy Day.

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