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Second Quarter Update
       This quarter 5th grade students are completing thier "Scream" projects.  During this lesson students learned about expressionism and impressionism.  In the coming weeks they will be working on symmetry when they draw nutcrackers.
      Fourth Graders have been busy working on positive and negative space.  In the coming weeks they will learn about Surrealism when they study Salvador Dali.
      Third Graders are wrapping up their Fall Scenes. They spent time learning about space and depth during their lessons.  In the coming weeks they will learn about Picasso and cubism.
      Second Graders created color wheels showing warm and cool colors.  They are learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his use of warm colors in is artwork.  They will create sunflower pictures using his work as their inspiration.
      First Graders have been learing about free form shapes and layering. Henri Matisse has been on their mind as they use scissors to cut and paste shapes to create some very imaginative pictures.
      Kindergarten Students have been learing about texture as they created leaf imprints.  They will carry this theme forward as they create their fall action scenes and use warm colors in their drawings. 

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