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7th grade Art Supplies:
(Due one week after you start class) 

#2 wooden pencils. You need one every day, so keep a few in your art folder.

Poster board, one piece 22”x28”, any color or design. Fold in half, tape the short sides to make a folder, and label clearly with your name and class period. You can decorate it if you'd like.
Your Art kit can be purchased when you start class. For a $5 fee you will receive: 
5" x 8.5" sketchbook w/100 pages
ebony drawing pencil
soap eraser
blending stump 
(You are welcome to purchase the art kit supplies on your own instead if you prefer, but this price is tough to beat!)
One quart or gallon size ziploc bag to keep your drawing tools in. Please do not bring in a plastic supply box of any kind, we don't have the room for them.

Please try to donate any of the following if you can:
old cd’s or dvds (for art, not watching/listening.)
scrap paper 
scrap fabric
small wood scraps
wire/washers/nuts/bolts/random hardware (nothing sharp)
beads/random jewelry parts 
cardboard, especially the sturdy type found on the back of notebooks
random art/craft supplies
ziploc bags, any size
tin foil 
textured paper/scrapbooking scraps
clear plastic storage bins with lids
plastic frosting tubs with lids (these are awesome!)
old art books 
anything you think we may be able to use! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Other people's junk is called a "found object" in art! Thank you!
Review for post-assessments


Optical Perspective:

Objects that are farther away are:

1. Higher/closer to horizon line

2. Smaller

3. Lighter

4. Less detail

5. Overlapped

Linear perspective:

Horizon line

Vanishing point

Receding lines to the vanishing point


Hue is another word for color.

Intensity: the amount or boldness of a color;

pressing hard gives more intensity than

pressing lightly and letting paper show through.

Value: how dark or light a color is.

Primary colors: red, yellow, blue

Secondary colors: orange, green, violet

Complementary colors: opposites on the color wheel

(red& green, blue & orange, yellow & violet)

Warm colors: reds, oranges, yellows

Cool colors: blues, greens, violets

Analogous colors share one color: (example:yellow-orange,

yellow, and yellow-green are one set.)

Tint: adds white to make a color lighter.

Shade: adds black to make a color darker.

Know basic color mixing:

Red + blue = violet

Blue + yellow= green

Yellow+ red = orange



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