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Social Studies

In 5th grade Social Studies, we will be learning about the history, people, cultures, geography, and economics of the various regions in the Western Hemisphere (basically all of North and South America including the Caribbean and Central America as well as Greenland and half of Antarctica).
Sound fun?
Students will be using a workbook called "The Ohio Experience" along with additional resources to learn how the powerful countries of the Western Hemisphere have influenced our world today. 
We will focus on the following topics throughout the year:
  • multi-tier timelines
  • Early Indian civilizations - Mayans, Mississippians, Aztecs, and Incas
  • European exploration and colonization
  • Geography - maps, globes, aerial/satellite images, photographs
  • Climate relative to latitude and longitude, landforms
  • Regions defined by their culture, economics, and population
  • How the physical environment influences activities
  • Cultural diversity
  • Understanding public issues
  • Democracies, Monarchies, Dictatorships
  • Economics - decision making, productive resources and specialization
  • Economic interdependence
  • Earning and income

Students will be responsible for completing a weekly assignment to review basic geography skills. The assignment will be kept in their Geography of the Week folder and will be graded.

Hope you are ready to learn about the world around you...Fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the ride!!