Sight Words



By the end of the year, we will have reviewed all of the words on Fry’s First 100 Words. Part of our weekly homework will include sight word practice activities.

Please note: the Riverside District Kindergarten Sight Word Assessment includes 48 words. Most of them overlap with Fry’s First 100 words, but there will be a few extras. On average, the text that we read is composed of approximately 60% sight words. I want to ensure that my students are exposed to as many sight words as possible.

Students are assessed weekly.  I have broken Fry’s 100 Word List into 10 separate lists. All students will start on List 1A. Currently, we are learning words from 1A in our classroom. When your child masters the words on the list with 100% accuracy, he/she will bump to the next list. After each assessment, he/she will come home with a pink note that indicates which words were mastered and which words they still need to practice.


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