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Reading Workshop

This year's reading curriculum will be guided by Lucy Calkin's Reading Units of Study. We will be implementing the Units of Study through a reader's workshop which is an instructional model that blends explicit instruction with opportunities for students to practice reading and comprehension strategies with "just right" books that they have chosen for themselves. I am excited to see student's progress as readers this year!!
What does a reading workshop look like in the classroom?
  • Starts with a mini lesson that is focused on a specific topic or skill.
  • Students have independent reading time. They keep a journal and respond to what they are reading. During this time, the teacher works with small groups or confers with individual students.
  • Mid workshop teaching point where teachers encourage students to write in their journals or to go beyond what they learned in the mini lesson.
  • Teaching share ends the workshop and allows for additional discussions with reading partners about the daily reading, journal entries, mini lesson, etc...

Fifth Grade's Units of Study Reading Curriculum for 2017-2018

  • Launching Book Clubs (Unit #1) - September
  • Tackling Text Complexity (BEND 1 only) (Unit #2) - November
  • Argument and Advocacy (Unit #3) - January
  • TEST PREP- Late February
  • Fantasy Book Clubs (Unit #4) - April