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Students will be taught phonics daily using Fundations.  This program teaches children the sounds letter(s) make in words and how the letters work together to decode unknown words while reading or writing.
Skills covered so far include: all letters of the alphabet (recognition, sound, and formation); 
Your child will work on a designated sight word list that pertains to his/her instructional sight word level.  The lists will come home every two weeks for your child to practice.  Once your child has mastered his/her list, he/she will move onto another one.  
Your child will also be introduced to trick/sight words during phonics.  These trick words will be practiced in class and are expected to be spelled correctly within your child's writing. 
Trick words introduced: 
We will be using a new program this year by Lucy Calkins called, The Units of Study for Teaching Reading.  It will blend very nicely with our Writers Workshop and will also contain stations.    It is very similar to the Daily 5 reading program that was used last year.  The students will be placed into groups and they will rotate between stations.  The students will also meet with me for small, guided reading groups.  During the reading groups your child will read a book at his/her instructional reading level.  This is the perfect opportunity to practice the reading strategies and explore new subject areas and genres! 
Reading Homework is sent home daily Monday-Thursday and is due the following day.  There will be a book in your child's Reading Envelope to read along with a Reading Log to sign in your child's 'Take Home Folder'.
Sight Word Homework is intended to be done daily, if possible, by practicing the words.
Poetry Folder Homework is sent home on Friday and is due on Monday with the 'Lucky Listener Log' filled out.