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Math Information

Check out the "Math Updates" section below for an update about what we are doing in math class this quarter.

General Math Info.
Mrs. Daher teaches all of the third grade math.  In third grade math, we have several areas of focus.  We spend a lot of time working on two step story problems.  Students will also learn about fractions, area and perimeter, two dimensional geometry, and they will develop an understanding of multiplication and division concepts.  
Students will have a weekly math homework packet (starting the Friday after Labor Day) sent home each Friday and due the following Friday.  There are 3 main parts of the homework (fact practice, online work, and a skills worksheet).  Students need to complete 40 minutes of fact practice each week using flashcards or the fact fluency section of the Moby Max website.  They also need to complete 60 minutes of online math work each week using the Study Island or Moby Max website.  Then they need to complete a skills worksheet that is attached to the packet.  The packet is due the following Friday (with the log of fact and practice times completed on the cover sheet).  Hopefully this approach to homework will allow your family to manage homework expectations around your family's schedule, while also allowing students time to practice seeing and solving math problems on the computer since the state testing is done on computers.
Students should be fluent in their addition facts before they enter third grade.  If a child needs to figure out a fact answer using their fingers or counting in their heads, then they are not fluent with that particular fact.  Once a child is fluent with his/her addition facts, those facts can be used to become fluent in subtraction facts.  Students should be comfortable with their addition and subtraction facts prior to third grade.  In third grade, our focus is on becoming fluent with our multiplication facts (from times 0 up to times 10 facts) by the end of third grade.  We then use those facts to start to build fluency on our division facts.  Division facts (up to divided by 9) are introduced in third grade.  

I have a lot of great math website links that you can access by clicking on "links/downloads" which is located on the navigation menu to the left (under the math page).
If you have any questions, please email me at joann.daher@riversideschools.net
Mrs. Daher 
Third Grade Math Teacher