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Language Arts

Language Arts

Reading and Writing for Success!

Welcome to Mrs. Przela's Language Arts!

I am very excited to start another school year! This year, LaMuth's continued emphasis in Language Arts will be on helping students become independent readers and writers while developing those reading and writing skills more than ever before. Class is set up in a workshop format, which fosters literacy independence while allowing teachers to help students hone skills in a small group or one-on-one basis. See the Documents and Links section of this website for more information. 
Objective for All Language Arts Classes: Throughout this course, students will strengthen their reading skills by learning and applying various reading strategies, practicing reading many different genres, and increasing vocabulary. Students will gain writing practice as well, focusing on content, vocabulary, grammar, and personal style.

Honors Classes:
At the honors level, students will read more difficult materials, as well as read all materials with further depth and analysis. They will also be expected to write more extensively with greater skill and depth.
**Please check daily assignments on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 


Read, Read, Read!

As a general rule, in addition to all of the reading done at school, students should be reading at home a MINIMUM of 2 hours per week.  Just as athletes and musicians need to practice to improve their playing skills, readers need to practice to improve their reading skills.  


Scholastic Reading Club

Scholastic Reading Club
This year, your child will have several opportunities to order books from Scholastic.  You may order off of the monthly flyer and send in your order with your child and a check made out to Scholastic.  For a much larger selection, you may order directly online using a one-time class activation code.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Class Activation Code:  MCK3P
Thank you and Happy Reading:)

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