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Language Arts

Language Arts

*Mrs. Hart comes into our classroom every day to do inclusion. At this time, we are doing reading groups with the students. They are broken up into three groups and each group reads a different book based on a theme. Our first theme is 'Back to School' where each of the three groups are reading a "Wayside Story" book. Ask your child to summarize what their book is about. One group is with me, one with Mrs. Hart, and the last group is silent reading. Each group meets with their teacher everyday.

*Please remind your child to fill out their reading log nightly. It is due the final day of each month.

*Spelling units are introduced on Mondays. There is a pre-test on Wednesdays. Those students who receive 100% on their pre-test, are exempt from homework the rest of the week, as well as the final test on Fridays.

*A portion of your child's writing grade comes from their Daily Oral Language (DOL) quizzes each Friday. We correct it together every day, so they should have the corrected version on Thursdays. Please be sure your child prepares for their quiz each week.

*You will find numerous great websites for your child to practice specific skills. They are listed under the heading "Fourth Grade" and "reading websites."