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  Every evening the 3rd grade students need to do 15 minutes of fact practice.  They should be focusing on their basic multiplication facts and progressively work towards harder facts.  The first nine weeks our focus is on multiples of 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10. They can do this using flashcards, worksheets, online games, the packet that has gone home, etc.
   A homework packet will be sent home each MONDAY. This packet will review and reinforce the skills taught the PREVIOUS week. This packet will be due each FRIDAY. It is important for students to turn in the homework on time so that we may review/reteach any concepts that were confusing. If there is no school on Friday of a week, the packet will be due on Thursday. The packet may also be turned in early each week. If your child has any questions while working throughout the week have them bring the packet to school and we will work together on any problems they are struggling on at home.