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Reading Log

Reading Log - Students are expected to read Monday through Friday for an accumulations of 60 minutes per day (the accumulation of minutes can be done in class and at home, just as long as the minutes add up to 60 minutes daily. Minutes cannot roll over to the next day). They must keep a reading log of their minutes (the log has been provided).
This information allows me to see across a day, a week, and a month, what books a child is choosing, how often she/he is finishing books, and how much time she/he is putting into reading. Logs will be referred to weekly during reading conferences. You will notice that no parent signature is required. This log will be used by students as a self-assessment tool as they reflect on their reading and ask, "How is reading going for me?" Students will use the reading logs to set goals for themselves throughout the year. I will help your child become invested in his/her log as well as the idea that he/she is the author of his/her reading life and that his/her choices and decisions matter. At the end of each quarter student and I will sit down in a conference and use a rubric to assess their reading log for a grade on their report cards. Please take reading logs very seriously.