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Grades Online


You may check your child's grades online anytime using our Infinite Campus Parent Portal. You will find the information you need to set up your account below. Every person entered into Infinite Campus has a GUID #. You will need this number to set up your parent portal account. To set up your account, go to Riverside Local School Website: www.riversidelocalschools.com and follow these steps:

Go to Parents and click on the icon for Infinite Campus. You will see a box with HELP ^.
Click on the Help box.
Click on, “If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key, click here”. This is where you will enter your GUID# and begin the set-up of your user name and password.
Note: You should have received a letter at the start of the school year with this information on it including your confidential GUID#. If you cannot find this letter please call the office and Mrs. Cook will provide you with this information.

Setting up this account and going through the parent portal will allow you, as the parent or guardian of multiple students, to see the information for every child belonging to your household. You will not need to go into each individual student portal again. If you should have any questions on this process, contact your child’s building for assistance.
*Note - Our 5th graders have been taught how to check their grades online so you may find it handy and more meaningful to take a moment and review grades together. I encourage your child to check his/her grades often to remain responsible active learners in my classroom.

To view your grades online please do the following:

1. go to riversidelocalschools.com
2. click the Students tab
3. click the Infinite Campus tab
4. Username: child's student ID - 6 digit pin number
5. Password: first initial + last initial + 6 digit birthday