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Fourth Grade


We will begin the year studying Place Value (Module 1).  I am planning the End of Module 1 test to be October 3rd.  We will complete a review sheet in class the week before and it will be sent home to help you review with your child if you wish.
As a reminder, the students are expected to come to fourth grade knowing their basic X facts.  For those that do not, there will be remediation to help get them on track.   In school, we use Moby Max Facts which will keep track of the facts they already mastered and only give the facts they still need to work on. Students are able to access this at home.
Please save any work that comes home (there should be "Problem Sets" sent home every day) to help prepare for assessments.  There will be exit tickets taken for grades at random times to check on student progress, mid module  and end of module grades.  If your child is struggling, I will certainly know from the exit tickets, and have time planned during our week to meet with these students to help get them back on track.
We will begin our Math homework after Labor Day.  It will be Monday-Thursday, 20 minutes of Moby Max Math. 
There are three units of study in fourth grade science.  The first one will be Earth's Land.  We will look at erosion and deposition and how it relates to weathering and forming our land.  Most work is completed in class.  Tests will be announced one week prior with a study guide being sent home.  Grades are also taken on classwork and labs. Our Erosion, Deposition and Weathering test will be Friday, October 5th.
Our rotation schedule this year is as follows:
Day 1: Library
Day 2: Technology
Day 3: Art
Day 4: Music (Please remember recorder)
Day 5: Gym (Please remember gym shoes)
Day 6: Club 
Special Upcomming Events:
September 21: Movie Night at 8:30pm 
September 24-28: Spirit Week
        Monday: Tie Dye
        Tuesday: Superhero Day
        Wednesday: College Day
        Thursday: Sports Day
        Friday: Black and Gold Day 
September 25: Field trip to the Environmental Learning Center to learn about erosion. 
October 11-12: No school 
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Upcoming Events

    Specials Schedule

    Monday: Extra Gym

    Tuesday: Chromebooks

    Wednesday: Computer
    Thursday: Library
    Friday: Gym/Music/Art