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First Grade


Welcome! We are off! Everyday my students will be showing improvements. My paramount goal in First Grade is to have my students love school and develop a passion for reading and writing. I believe this is attained through a hands-on curriculum that develops around each student's individual needs. I hope each one of my students feels safe, welcomed, and enthusiastic as they step through our door each day.

Thank you for your support!


The Weeks at a Glance:

Poems:  January 9th "What I Love About Winter"
              January 16th "He Had a Dream"
              January 23rd "The Mitten Song" 
Reading: In Reading, we are learning reading strategies for nonfiction texts. We are looking to see more and more on every page and learning facts just by looking at each page. 
Writing: We are beginning our Nonfiction Writing Unit and we started with How-To's. Now we are learning the process of planning out our Nonfiction Writing by popping a finger up per fact, sketch on each page and begin writing. 
Word Study: January 9th: Glued Sounds -ang, -ing, -ong & -ung.
                       January 16th: No Word Study
                       January 23rd: Glued Sounds 2 -ank, -ink, -onk & -unk 
Phonics: We are building upon our phonics daily and our phonic skills are coming out in our writing as well as our reading when we begin to decode and sound out words. We pick apart our poem daily as well looking for chunks, digrapsh and rules. We will continue to add more and more phonics daily! 
Math: We continue working on nonstandard and standard unit of measurement. We are comparing objects lengths and we will look at data and be able to organize, sort and answer questions. 
Special Announcements:
Library:  Our library day is every Thursday. Please make sure that library books are being brought back to school on Thursdays! 
Lunch Money:
If you send your child to school with lunch money PLEASE place the money in an envelope labeled with your child's name, teacher and grade!
Snack/Birthday Treats:
Every day we will have snack! Please bring in snacks that are NUT free, utensil free, and messy free! A lot of times we will be eating snack while finishing a lesson.
Students may also bring in a water bottle to keep in their book bags.
We are a NUT FREE classroom. Please check that all snacks or birthday treats are Nut Free!
There are 14 students in my classroom.