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World Geography


India-Pakistan Relations

India-Pakistan Relations 4/14/15

Directions: Using the Internet, answer the following questions:
Describe the relations between India and Pakistan.
Explain why their relations are that way today.
Explain the situation regarding Kashmir-India-Pakistan.
Who does China typically support? Why?
Create a political cartoon on a sheet of white paper that relates to any of the topics above.

Political Cartoon must be NEAT and have a CLEAR POINT OF VIEW representative of one of the topics.
Assign On: 4/14/2015
Due: 6/1/2015
3/27 Asian Carp

Go to: http://www.nwf.org/wildlife/threats-to-wildlife/invasive-species/asian-carp.aspx

Explain the threats of Asian Carp to the Great Lakes and the measures to try to control the problem.

Assign On: 3/27/2015
Due: 6/1/2015
3/28 Asian Carp

Go to: http://www.nwf.org/Wildlife/Threats-to-Wildlife/Invasive-Species/Asian-Carp.aspx

Read the article and explain:

A. Who brought Asian carp to the U.S.

B. Why Asian Carp was brought to the U.S.

C. Describe the threats they pose to the Great Lakes &

D. How that threat is continuing to increase

E. Explain what measures are being taken to stop this threat

Assign On: 3/28/2015
Due: 6/1/2015
1/27 Assignments

Identify the CONTINENTS and OCEANS of the world.

Practice 5 themes for tomorrow’s quiz!
Select 5 possible countries to specialize in. your final choices must be from different regions of the world.
Assign On: 1/27/2015
Due: 6/5/2015


11/6 Central America & Caribbean

Students will research and create a PowerPoint to present on their assigned country.
11/7 Central America & Caribbean Quiz10/31 Mexico Quiz10/30 Reminder Mexico Quiz Tomorrow! View Powerpoint to Review in Latin America Folder10/28 DUE 10/31 Article on illegal Immigration & Mexico Poster

1. Create a collage of images that represent Mexico, including its hisory and any other interesting aspects you discover. You should find at least 10 images.

Include a title, flag, and map

2. Research an article on Illegal iImmigration from Mexico to the U.S. read and print it out for later class discussion.
10/22 AFRICA TEST10/13-10/15 Weekly Agenda

10/13 Serengeti National Park & Poaching of Elephants and Rhinos: Complete the Ad and Poster

10/14 Media Center: Using Classzone.com World Geography Current Events, explore what has been happening in previous years in Africa. You will use this informatin, as well as other information from class to complete a class project tomorrow.

10/15 Class Project: Where in Africa is...?

Studyguides for the Africa Test will be distributed. Test will be next week!
10/13 Advertisement & Poster/Picket Sign

Based on the video clips of the Serengeti National Park and the poaching of Elephants and Phinos, complete the following assignment:



Create an advertisement to encourage people to visit the Serengeti. Be sure to include key features that you learned about-including but not limited to…the physical geography, many animals, climate, etc…to demonstrate your knowledge.


Create a protest sign against poaching in Africa to encourage people to stop the activity. Include information that will demonstrate your knowledge about the activity and its devastating impact.
10/2 Media Center Map Review Link