Riverside Local Schools
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Weekly Schedule


Week of March 18
Monday:  Levels of Organization Stations Lab pages 26-31.
Tuesday:  Finish Levels of Organization Stations pages 26-31.
Wednesday:  Levels of Organization Activity
Thursday:  Review for quiz
Friday:  Quiz 
Week of March 11
Monday:  Cell Drawings page 23
Tuesday:  Finish Drawings and review for quiz
Wednesday:  Organelles Quiz
Thursday:  3-D Cell Project Presentations
Friday:  3-D Cell Project Presentations
Week of March 4
Monday:  Notes pages 14 and 15 and quiz review
Tuesday: Quiz and Label drawing p. 16
Wednesday:  Stations pages 17-22
Thursday:  Stations pages 17-22
Friday:  Cell Drawing page 23
Week of February 25
Monday:  Finish stations pages 3-7.
Tuesday:  Cell Theory Notes page 8.
Wednesday:  Cell Theory Stations pages 9-12.
Thursday:  Cell Theory Stations pages 9-12.
Friday:  Introduction to Cells and Cell Theory Quiz