Riverside Local Schools
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Weekly Schedule


Week of February 5
Tuesday:  Roller Coaster Project
Wednesday:  Roller Coaster Project
Thursday:  Finish project and review for quiz
Friday:  Potential and Kinetic Energy Quiz
Week of January 22
Tuesday:  Fill-in notes on page 2 and 3.
Wednesday:  Stations pages 4-6.
Thursday:  Stations pages 4-6.
Friday: Potential and Kinetic Energy Lab
Week of January 14
Monday: Graph Match Activity
Tuesday: Motion Graph Stations
Wednesday:  Motion Graph Stations and Distance Time Graphs page 22
Thursday:  Study guide and Kahoot it Review
Friday:  Quiz and Vehicle Challenge Discussion 
Week of January  7, 2019
Monday: Speed notes page 2.
Tuesday:  Stations pages 3-6
Wednesday:  Stations pages 3-6
Thursday:  Object Motion pages 7 and 8. Motion Graphs pages 9-14.
Friday:  Motion Sensors pages 15 an 16.
Week of December 10
Monday:  Ice Cream Lab Report, Study guide
Tuesday:  Check study guide.  Quizizz
Wednesday:  Review
Thursday: Test
Friday:  Mythbusters
Week of December 3
Monday:  Ed puzzle video, Notes page 4.
Tuesday:  Stations pages 10-14
Wednesday:  Notes page 8 and Dr. Birdley Transitions pages 15 and 16
Thursday:  Ice Cream Lab
Friday:  Ice Cream Lab Report
Week of November 26
Monday:  New Lab books and Design Squad
Tuesday:  Labs pages 2 and 3
Wednesday:  Read an article and create Sketchnotes.  Quiz, Quiz, Trade
Thursday:  Notes page 4, Dr. Birdley pages 5 and 6.  Venn Diagram page 7.
Friday:  Changes of State pages 8 and 9
Week of November 19
Monday:  Quiz Review
Tuesday:  Quiz
Week of November 12
Monday: Elements Stations pages 11-19
Tuesday: Elements Stations pages 11-19
Wednesday:  Elements Stations pages 11-19
Thursday:  Finish stations and Molecule notes page 21
Friday:  Dr. Birdley page 23, Chemical Compunds p. 24, and Molecules and Formulas page 25 
Week of November 5
Monday:  Stations pages 6-9
Tuesday: No school
Wednesday:  Finish stations
Thursday:  Element notes page 10
Friday:  Stations pages 11-19 
Week of October 29, 2018
Monday:  Review for test.  Identifying Objects Lab
Tuesday:  Test
Wednesday:  Lab Books and Design Squad
Thursday:  How Small Can You Go?  p. 2 & 3,  Trying to Make a Model page 4.
Friday:  Atom notes page 5, Start stations pages 6-9
Week of October 22, 2018
Monday:  Go over stations.  Start Comparing Sizes Lab.
Tuesday:  Finish Lab.
Wednesday: Mass vs Volume Graphs pagess 19-22
Thursday:  Identifying Materials Lab
Friday:  Finish Identifying Materials Lab and Study Guide
Week of October 15, 2018
Monday:  Density Cube Lab
Tuesday:  Density Cube Lab
Wednesday:  Quiz
Thursday:  Irregular Shapes Stations
Friday:  Irregular Shapes Stations
Week of October 8, 2018
Monday:  Density of Regular Objects stations pages 10-13.
Tuesday:  Finish the stations.
Wednesday:  Follow-up on stations for a grade.  Start on the Density Cube Lab.
Week of October 1, 2018
Monday:  Triple Beam Balance Tutorial and practice
Tuesday:  Mass Lab page 5
Wednesday:  Volume notes page 6.  Spy Guys.
Thursday:  Volume Lab page 7
Friday:  Dr. Birdley page 8, Density notes page 9.
Week of September 24 
Monday:  Finish Scientific Method Stations
Tuesday:  Identifying Variables Coin Lab
Wednesday:  Lab Books/Design Squad
Thursday:  Investigation Log and Puzzling Phenomena page 2.
Friday:  Demonstration page 3 and notes page 4.
Monday:  Finish Whirlybird Lab
Tuesday: Independent and Dependent Variables page 16. Scientific Method Stations pages 18-20.
Wednesday: Scientific Method pages 18-20.
Thursday: Review for quiz.
Friday: Quiz and Design Squad
Monday: Whirlybird Project page 14 and notes page 15.
Tuesday:  Design Squad, Readings, Quizlet
Wednesday:  Whirlybird Project testing the size of the Whirlybird.
Thursday:  Finish the lab.
Friday:  Each group design their own Whirlybird lab.