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Week of May 14
Monday: Rock Lab page 2.  Rock Notes pages 7 & 8.
Tuesday:  Types of Rocks pages 5 & 6.  Identifying Rocks pages 13 & 14.
Wednesday:  Transforming Rocks pages 17 & 18.  Graphic Organizer page 9.
Thursday:  Rocks Lab pages 10-12
Friday:  Camp Power Point  and Rock Cycle Diagram pag 19.
Week of May 7
Monday:  Complete the review on page 10.  Ohio and the Silurian Period pages 12 and 13.
Tuesday:  Simulating Halite Formation in Lake Erie page 14 and 15
Wednesday:  Simulating Halite Formation in Lake Erie page 15 and Quizizz
Thursday:  Simulating Halite Formation in Lake Erie page 15 and 16 Review for quiz with Kahoot It!
Friday: Finish Halite Lab follow-up page 16 and Quiz 
Week of May 30
Monday:  Finish the Mineral ID Lab pages 6, 7, 8 and 9
Tuesday:  Complete the review sheet page 10.  Dichotomous Key Activities.
Wednesday:  Dichotomous Key Lab
Thursday:  Dichotomous Key Lab page 11 and 12
Week of April 23
Monday: Rock the Alphabet and new lab books.
Tuesday: Galena page 2 and Fill-in notes pages 2 and 3
Wednesday: Mineral ID virtual lab
Thursday: Mineral ID lab pages 6, 7, 8, and 9
Friday:  Mineral ID lab pages 6, 7, 8, and 9.
Week of April 16
Monday:  Mitosis notes pages 2-4
Tuesday:  Mitosis Microviewer page 7 and 8
Wednesday:  Mitosis Activity page 9 & 10
Thursday:  Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis pages 22 & 23, 37 & 38
Friday:  Quiz and Design Squad 
Week of April 9
Monday:  Levels Activity and review for quiz.
Tuesday:  Quiz and Osmosis Lab
Wednesday:  Osmosis Lab
Thursday:  Osmosis Lab
Friday:  Osmosis Lab
Week of April 3
Tuesday:  Section 4: Levels of Organization Vidoe and notes on pages 30 & 31
Wednesday:  Dr. Birdley pages 32, 33, and 34
Thursday: Graphic Organizer together page 35,  Cell Specialization Notes pages 36-39
Friday: Microscopes page 40 and Review Activity
Week of March 19
Monday:  Kahoot and Smartboard review for Organelles Quiz.
Tuesday:  Cell Model Presentations
Wednesday:  Organelles Quiz and Bill Nye Cells Video
Thursday:  Design Squad
Friday:  Cell Model Presentations 
Week of March 12
Monday:  Students will be working on Section 3: Cell Structure and Function this week.  Cells Alive pages 21 & 22.
Tuesday:  Section 3: Microviewer and Microscopes pages 23 and 24.  Venn Diagram together page 25.
Wednesday:  Section 3: Cell Drawing page 26
Thursday:  Cell Drawing page 26
Friday:  Finish Cell Drawing.  Complete the review on page 28.  Practice Quizlet.
Week of March 5, 2018
Monday:  Students should be finishing Section 1: Introduction to Cells and taking the first quiz by Tuesday, March 6.  When they finish that they will move on to Section 2: Cell Theory Checklist pages 12-16.
Tuesday:  Quiz and Section 2
Wednesday:  Section 2 Checklist
Thursday:  Section 2 Checklist
Friday:  Quiz on Section 2
Week of February 26, 2018
Monday:  Robert Hooke Activity
Tuesday:  Fill-in notes page 3, Why Cells pages 4 & 5
Wednesday: Cell Size page 6, Microviewers pages 7 & 8
Thursday:  Finish microviewers and Unicellular Organisms page 9
Friday:  Review page 10, Quiz next week.
Week of February 20, 2018
Tuesday:  Finish Building Roller Coaster and collect data.
Wednesday:  Finish lab report and review for quiz.
Thursday:  Quiz
Friday:  118 Green Street
Week of February 12, 2018
Monday: Potential and Kinetic Energy Nearpod notes
Tuesday:  Read an article and complete the questions on pages 2 and 3 in the lab book. Start on the stations.
Wednesday: Finish the stations.  Start planning a Roller Coaster on pages 4-7.
Thursday:  Budget, process, and sketch on pages 8-10.
Friday:  Build the Roller Coaster and complete pages 11-13.
Week of February 6, 2018
Tuesday:  Group work on Variables checklist.
Wednesday:  Group work on Variables checklist.
Thursday:  Group work on Variables Checklist.
Friday:  Final Variables Assessment
Week of January 29
Monday:  Continue construction of the vehicle.
Tuesday:  Test and redesign the vehicle.
Wednesday:  Finish the script and practice presentation.
Thursday:  Presentations.  Mid-year Assessment.
Friday:  Assessment results and formation of review groups.  Design Squad.
Week of January 22
Monday:  Study guide, Motion Graph Stations and Kahoot it! Review
Tuesday:  Review and Motion Graph Stations
Wednesday:  Quiz and Design Challenge Slide Show
Thursday:  Design Challenge
Friday:  Design Challenge
Week of January 16
Monday: No School
Tuesday:  Finish stations. 
Wednesday: Object Motion questions pages 6 and 7.  Notes page 8.  Dr. Birdley pages 9 and 10.
Thursday:  Motion Sensors pages 11 and 12.
Friday:  Motion Graph Stations
Week of January 9
Tuesday:  Lab books, fill-in notes pages 2 & 3
Wednesday:  Determining Speed, Time, and Distance page 4, Using Graphs to Illustrate Distance and Time page 5. 
Thursday:  Speed Stations
Friday: Speed Stations 
Week of December 18
Monday:  Mythbusters
Tuesday:  Mythbusters
Wednesday:  Mythbusters
Week of December 11
Monday: Review for test
Tuesday: Test
Wednesday:  Mythbusters
Thursday:  Mythbusters
Friday: Mythbusters 
Week of December 4
Monday: From Liquids to Gas pages 9 and 10.  Brainpop pages 11 and 12
Tuesday:  Phase and Phase Transitions pages 14 and 15.  Identifying Phase Changes 16
Wednesday: Ice Cream
Thursday:  Stations
Friday:  Stations
Week of November 27
Monday:  Students will do a lab on States of Matter
Tuesday:  Students will finish the lab and complete fill-in notes.
Wednesday:  Brainpop page 2 and Phases Unmasked pages 3 & 4
Thursday:  Phases of Matter page 5, Venn Diagram page 6, and Compound X page 7 & 8
Friday:  Ups & Downs of Thermometers Lab
Week of November 13
Monday: Digital Breakout and puzzle handout. 
Tuesday: Chemical Compounds page 17, Molecules and Formulas page 18. 
Wednesday: Gumdrop Lab pages 19, 20, and 21.
Thursday:  Quiz and Design Squad
Friday:  New Lab book 
Week of November 6, 2017
Monday: Symbols and Formulas pages 15 and 16.  The Language of Chemistry page17.
Tuesday: No School
Wednesday:  Finish Atoms, Molecules, and Elements stations
Thursday: Chemcal Compounds page 18 and Molecules and Formulas page 19
Friday:  Gumdrop Molecules pages 20 and 21
Week of October 30
Monday:  Density Test Discussion and Stations Activity Introduction
Tuesday-Friday Stations work on pages 6-13 in Lab Book.
Week of October 23
Monday:  Go over review pages 21-24, Finish Identifying Objects Lab
Tuesday:   Review for test
Wednesday:  Test
Thursday:  Design Squad, Lab Book, pre-test
Friday:  How Small Can You Go? pages 2 & 3, Notes pages 4 & 5.  
Week of October 16
Monday:  Thank you letters Science on the Road Volunteers
Tuesday:  Density Slope Lab
Wednesday:  Finish Density Slope Lab
Thursday:  Identifying Materials Lab
Friday:  Density Review pages 21, 22, 23, 24
Week of October 9
Monday:  Students will complete the Mass vs Volume graphs Part I and II today on pages 17-20.
Tuesday:  Students will start the Density Slope Lab.
Wednesday:  Students will go to the gym for Science on the Road today. 
Thursday and Friday:  No School. 
Week of October 2
Monday: Virtual Density Lab
Tuesday:  Vocabulary Quiz, Density Review Practice Sheet pages 14 & 15.
Wednesday:  The Biscuit page 12 and Loch Ness page 16, Kahoot It!
Thursday:  Density Cube Lab
Friday:   Density Cube Lab
Week of September 25
Monday:  Matter Study Questions page 2, Matter notes on page 5, and Ohaus tutorial on Google Classroom.
Tuesday: Mass Lab page 6
Wednesday:  Volume notes page 7, Spy Guys video and worksheet, Quizlet
Thursday:  Volume Lab page 8
Friday:  Size of the Box page 9, Density notes page 10, Quizlet live 
Week of September 18
Monday:  Mythbusters Warm-up, Finish Spongebob pages 18-21
Tuesday:  Variables Stations, Mythbusters Warm-up
Wednesday: Penny Lab
Thursday:  Investigation Log, Design Squad, Lab books
Friday: Birdley Matter page 2, Puzzling Predictions 
Week of September 11
Monday:  Students will work on Identifying Variables on page 17.  The class will review for Tuesday's quiz, and then start the next part of the Whirlybird project.
Tuesday:  Quiz and continue working on the Whirlybird Project lab report.
Wednesday:  Students will construct their whirlybirds and collect data for the Whirlybird Project.
Thursday:  Students will finish the lab report for the Whirlybird project with the analysis and conclusion.
Friday:  Students will finish the Spongebob Variables pages 19, 20, 21, and 22 in the lab book today.
Week of September 5
Tuesday:  Students will complete Scientific Method and Variable notes on pages 9 & 15.
Wednesday:  Students will start on the Whirlybird Project on pages 9 and 10 to start identifying variables.
Thursday: Students will test varies sizes of Whirlybirds and complete a model lab report on pages 11-14.
Friday:  Students will create a graph, analysis, conclusion, and sources of error on pages 11-14.
Week of August 28
Monday: Following Directions Lab
Tuesday: Finish lab and Flipgrid Video.
Wednesday: Safety Stations
Thursday: Safety Stations
Friday: SLO Assessment and Design Squad
Week of August 23
Wednesday:  Welcome! Gobstopper Activity
Thursday:  Draw a Scientist
Friday:  Journey to Mars Team Building Activity 
Readings pages 27 & 28 are due Friday.
Density Test Wednesday.  Study the quizlets and Density Assessment Review on pages 21, 22, 23, and 24.

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