Riverside Local Schools
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Star of the Week

You are our Star of the Week!  

Here is a list of the festivities as we celebrate you and just how very special you are!

On Monday

You will be the line leader for the week. Please bring your completed “All About Me” poster to share with the class . . . be creative!

On Tuesday

Please bring in 3 items that tell about you. Items must fit in the book bag sent home Friday. Some suggested items to include are: an item from a hobby/collection, an award, something you made, a souvenir or memento, a favorite stuffed animal, etc.

On Wednesday

You will be interviewed by your classmates so we can learn more about you.

On Thursday

Rhyme Time! Choose two items (or pictures) that rhyme and place them in the bag. At school, you will remove one of the items from the bag, name it and show it to the class. Your classmates will try to guess what it is. Be sure to choose a rime that has not been selected yet!

On Friday

Please bring in your favorite healthy snack to share with the class. All snacks should be individually bagged /packaged and ready to serve. Please bring enough for 24 friends . . . no drinks, please. You will also have the honor of choosing our next “Star of the Week”.