Schools Closed for the Remainder of 2019-2020 School Year

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that all schools in the State of Ohio will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

District updates during this time can be found HEREOnline Learning will continue for the remainder of the school year.

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Sight Words

Sight Words

 Fourth quarter sight word re-assessment end of May!
First Quarter (50 words)
the     of     and     a     to     in     is     you    
that     it     he     if     was     for     on     as    
are     with     his     they     I     at     be    this    
have     from     or     one     had     by     word     but     not  
what     all     were     we     when     your     can     said    
there   use    an     each     which     she     do     how     their  


Second Quarter (50 more sight words) 

will     up     no     way     other     about     could     people     out    many     my     than   then    them      first     water     these      so     been     call   some   her     who       oil       would     make       over     now      like   him    find    long     into      time      down       day     has      look   did    get     two more      come      made       write     go       may    part   see   number   


Third Quarter (50 more sight words) 

set     new     sound     take     only     little     work     know     place     year    live    me        back     give     most       very     after    thing     our     just    name      good     sentence     man   think   say    great     where   help    through   much     before   line    right    too      mean     old     any     same      tell     boy      follow     came     want     show
also    around  form      three    small


Fourth Quarter (50 more sight words) 

high     put     end     does     another     well     large     must
big      even    such    because  turn        here     why       ask
went     men     read    need     different   land     home      us
move     try     kind    hand     picture     again    change    off
play     spell   air     away     animal      house    point     page
letter   mother  answer  found    study       still    learn     should America  world