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Science Updates

Science Units

 Science Unit 1
This unit focuses on Earth’s resources. While resources can be living and nonliving, within this strand, the emphasis is on Earth’s nonliving resources, such as water, air, rock, and soil and the energy resources they represent.  The standards we will be covering in unit 1 are the following:
• Earth’s nonliving resources have specific properties.
• Earth’s resources can be used for energy.
• Some of Earth’s resources are limited. 
During this unit, we will have a presenter come in from the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District to present about soil. We will also have our first visit from Mrs. Bollas from the Ohio State extension office. She will be in once a month to teach us about the 3 R's.  
 Science Unit 2
The focus of our second science unit is on Matter and Energy.  The focus is on the relationship of matter and energy.  We will learn about the properties of matter and will learn that matter is found in all substances on Earth.  Heat is a form of energy that can change the states of matter.  The standards that we will be covering in unit 2 are the following:
•All objects and substances in the natural world are composed of matter.
•Matter exists in different states, each of which has different properties.
•Heat, electrical energy, light, sound, and magnetic energy are forms of energy.
Science Unit 3
The focus of our third science unit is on Life Science.  This topic explores life cycles of organisms and the relationship between the natural environment and an organism's (behavioral and physical) traits, which affect it's ability to survive and reproduce.  The standards that we will be covering in unit 3 are the following:
•Offspring resemble their parents and each other.
•Individuals of the same kind differ in their traits and sometimes the differences give individuals an advantage in surviving and reproducing.
•Plants and animals have life cycles that are part of their adaptations for survival in their natural environments.