Science: Week of Nov. 20-21 and Weed of Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2017
We are completing our study of ecosystems.  Students will be presenting their endangered animals projects as the conclusion of the unit.  We will then test on everything they have learned in this unit. A study guide will go home on Monday, Nov. 27 for a test on Wednesday, Nov. 29 or Thursday, Dec. 1.  
Here are the vocabulary that students should know in order to do well on their testing.
Food chain: a series of organisms linked together in the order in which they eat each other
Food web: overlapping food chains
Symbiosis: a long term relationship between species
Mutualism:  Good for both, example a bee and a flower, the bee gets necter and the flower gets pollinated
Commensalism: Good for one, does not effect the other. Example: a yellow spider sits on a yellow flower to camoflage.  It's good for the spider and does have any effect on the flower.
Parasitism: Good for one, bad for the other. Example: dog and fleas
Ecosystem: An area where living, non-living and once-living organisms interact.
Biotic: this means anything that is living or once-living
Abiotic: the prefix A means not, so abiotic is not living, and never has been living, such as a rock, air, water, soil
Community: All the plants and animals that live in an ecosystem.
Population: All the same species.  There is a population of raccoons in my yard.
Producer: A green plant, called this because they can harness the sun's energy and produce food for every living thing on Earth
Consumer: anything that must eat plants or animals to live
 Decomposer: consumes dead or decaying matter...bacteria, beetles, worms
 Herbivore: a consumer that eats only plants
Carnivore: a consumer that eats only meat
Omnivore: a consumer that eats plants and animals
Sun: the source of all energy on Earth
Plants: common producers



























































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