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Science: Weeks of August 22-31

Wednesday: Getting to know each other
Thursday: Begin learning the steps of the Scientific Method
1. purpose 2. procedure 3. Gather materials 4. hypothesis 5. observations (while doing experiment) 6. record data (from experiment) 7. draw conclusions 
Monday: Introduce vocabulary for the scientific method, including the types of variables.This may take a couple days.   We may have a quiz on putting the seven steps in order by the middle of this week.
Wednesday: Conduct an experiment comparing paper towels and see how we use the scientific method.  We will also use all our new vocabulary words as we conduct this experiment. Our emphasis will be on the variables.  The independent variable is the thing we change (the brand of paper towels).  The dependent variable is how much water is picked up (it depends on the type of towel (the independent variable)  The control variables are all the things we keep the same...the same amount of water in the pan, the same amount of time we dip each towel in the water etc.
Friday: We will use our new skills to complete worksheets describing experiments. These could be graded.