Science: Week of Feb. 20-23
We are completling our unit onsound energy.  The Study Guide will go home on Tuesday.  The test will be Thursday. One thing that confuses students is that sound travels fastest through a solid. They always think it travels fastest through air.  The truth is that sound travels faster through liquid than a gas. 
 We will then study sound energy in more depth.  Here is the vocabulary for the sound unit: 
Sound: a kind of energy you can hear
Vibrations: back and forth movement; all sound is made by vibrations.
Waves: Sound travels through invisible waves that can travel through the mediums of solid, liquid or gas (but cannot travel through outer space because it needs a medium to travel through)  
Volume: how loud or soft a sound is  
Pitch: how high or low a sound is (often confused with volume
Decibels:  a way to measure sound....loud sounds have high decibel levels
Echo: a reflection of sound that happens when sound waves hit a hard object such as a wall or window, and bounce back.



























































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