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Week of Dec, 10-14, 2018

This week we will begin our unit on Sound and Light Energy.  We will begin by studying sound energy.  On Monday we will go over these fundamental facts about energy:
1.  Energy ois not matter, it hoes not have mass.
2. Energy appears in many forms including heat, light, sound, nuclear and geothermal  We will be studying sound and light energy this year.
3. One form of energy can turn into another form.
4. Most of the energy on Earth comes from the Sun
5. The total amount of energy in a closed system does not change.  Energy is not created or destroyed, it changes from one form to another.
This is what students need to know about Sound energy:
1. Sound energy behaves in predictable ways.
2. Sound travels through vibrations
3. Vibrations is the back and forth movement of an object
4. Pitch is the measure of how high or low the sound is
5. Pitch can be changed by changing how fast an object vibrates.
6. Objects that vibrate slowly produce low pitches
7. Objects that vibrate rapidly produce high pitches
8. When ther eis more room for vibration to occur, the vibrations move more slowly and you get a lower pitch.  
Energy: The ability to cause a change in matter
pitch: The highness or lowness of a sound (a tuba has a low pitch)
volume: The loudness or softness of a sound
vibration: the back and forth movement of matter...vibration makes sound
waves: a disturbance that carries energy aways from it's starting point... light and sound energy travel through waves
echo: created when sound bounces off (reflects) of an object
Mediums that sound travels through: solid, liquid, gas   Sound travels fastest through solids, then liquids and moves slowest through gas (like air)