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School Supply List

Mrs. Kevern’s 2013-2014 School Supply List

Mrs. Kevern’s & Mrs. Rider’s 2015-2016 Supply List

· 1 set of headphones- please be sure they fit snugly, we have trouble with this!

· 1 package of napkins- used for cooking and snack

· 12 Glue sticks- for art and classroom projects, PURPLE PLEASE

· 4 boxes Kleenex

· 1 Toothbrush – to be kept at school and used daily after lunch

· 1 Toothpaste- to be used daily after lunch (flip-top lids are best)

· 1 Brush (girls) or Comb (boys) to be used daily after lunch

· 4 (boxes or refills) of Baby wipes- used on fieldtrips, lunch and snack for quick clean-up as well as the many other times we need cleaned up!

· 1 box Ziploc bags (gallon size)

· 1 box Ziploc bags (quart)

· 2 rolls of paper towels

· 1 bottle glue

· 1 box of batteries AA

· 1 package of dry erase markers- colored fine point

· A complete change of clothes- including socks, underwear, shirt and shorts/pants. If your child is prone to accidents, please send ample underwear/pull-ups & extra bottoms.

Thanks in advance for your help with these supplies! Please do not label your child’s items as we will label what we need to here at school. We share most of our supplies and when they are labeled with someone’s name it tends to cause confusion and unnecessary fussing! Please do not buy anything other than what is listed. I will provide the pencils, crayons, scissors, paint, folders, binders, pencil cases, etc. It is easier for me to do this so they are all the same and color coded for the kids.