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Research & Expert Analysis
Senior English
Over the course of both semesters, students will become more aware of their writing style and the needs of college writing. We will focus on a variety of writing skills and how to adapt to different expectations. Once we review basic skills and introduce new ones, students will model their writing after classroom examples and then research and write to topics that interest them. Students will focus on MLA format, but also on how to give reasonable credit to all sources at all times. They will also be looking into philosophy, rhetoric, dystopia and college/ personal writing.
We will be reading a variety of selections which include, but are not limited to:
- "The Yellow Wallpaper"
-  "No Exit"
- "10 Days in a Madhouse"
-Waiting for Godot
- 1984
First Semester Students will keep be answering daily writing prompts outside of class. These will be handwritten to maintain handwriting skills.
Second Semester Students will be reading a novel of their choice outside of class. There will be mandatory journals to reflect on the events of the book.
This is a basic summary of the class. For more specific information, please contact jaime.mcintyre@riversideschools.net 

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