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Reading and Language Arts


Three times a year we give all students the Fountas and Pinnell BAS bench marking assessment. This reading assessment determines student's various reading levels. We teach students at their instructional level and when this is determined this is the data that drives our instruction. In our classroom we follow the Daily 5 format. This allows me to work with small groups of students specifically at their appropriate reading level. I meet with each group twice a week for about 30 minutes each meeting. Each group has different goals to help achieve their reading needs. These groups change as students needs change.
Some of the resources we use for our reading instructions include Reading a-z, Open Court Reading, Raz-Kids and LLI.

Ways to Help Your Child at Home

The best way to help your child at home is to read with them daily. It is recommend that children read at least 20 minutes a day. I know this can be challenging with work and sports schedules and multiple children. Here are a few tips.
* Some days you read to your child aloud. Let them see the words and maybe point to a work here and there that they can decode or read.
* Let them read to a pet. Reading is reading! Your cat or dog isn't going to judge your child for misreading a word.
* Read some directions together while cooking dinner or packing lunches. Showing children other real life examples of reading is really important.
* Allow your child to go onto Raz Kids and Starfall. The kids love these sites and can manage them themselves. 

Websites to Visit

Practice language and literacy skills
Enter your child's log in code to practice reading fluency and comprehension
Reading Games
Tons of fun reading games