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Right to Read Week Kicks Off

Right to Read Week at Leroy started off with an energized visit from the super hero "Readerman" and his semi-villainous companion "Miss Understood". The students were treated to a very well put together skit in which Readerman extolled the virtues of reading while his sometimes adversary Miss Understood not so on board with the whole reading thing. After some creeping around and book stealing from the students by Miss Understood, Readerman was able to match her with a just right book and the two of them read a few pages from the book Flora and Ulysses. That was all it took to change Miss Understood into an avid reader - mission completed Readerman. The parts of Readerman and Miss Understood were played by Riverside District's literacy coaches Rich Schmidt and Abby Hartmann. The activities for the week have been planned by the Leroy Climate Committee, a group teachers responsible for creating and sharing ideas of this sort with the rest of the staff. It was a great way to begin the week.