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What’s happening in Mrs. Miller’s room?

Language Arts We are learning about how characters grow and change throughout a book. The focus is on the evidence we see in pictures or read in the words to prove how the character has changed. I am also releveling students to chart their growth since the bginning of the year. In writing, we are working on fictional stories focuing on "edge of the seat" tension, hooking our readers, and details. We will have spelling and DLR as usual.
Math We are in Module 4 which covers additon and subtraction within 200 with and without regrouping. In Eureka math, the concept of regrouping is called bundling and unbundling. I use both terms so that they are familiar with them.
Social Studies We are reading Cinderella stories from around the world and comparing the different characters, magic, settings, etc.
 FYI We have MAP testing Monday and Tuesday this week.  Holiday parties are on Wednesday, December 21 at 2:45.