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New Art Supplies list

New Art Supplies list

Art Supply List 2017-2018

Please note that Art supplies were added into the general school supply kit that AMSCO offers-

However- please separate these items and set them aside to have available for when your child has Art in August, November or February

***  If you choose to do your own shopping during the back to school sales- set the art supplies aside until their art session

Sixth Grade 2018-2019


  • Art pouch- use one-gallon zip lock bag
    Please keep supplies in their original boxes. It makes clean up easier and faster. Put your name on everything

  • Pocket folder with 12 pieces of lined paper and 12 pieces of blank printer paper

  • 12- # 2 Pencils

  • White illustration eraser

  • Large glue stick
  •  Crayola broad point classic color markers -10 or 12 color set

  • 22” X 28” poster board (any color-light colors are best)

  • Crayola brand ONLY- Colored pencils- 24 (larger sets- optional) - NO erasable pencils please

  • 2- FINE point black permanent marker

  • 2- ULTRA Fine point black permanent marker   

  •  1 box tissue (last name A-M) 
  • 1 disinfecting wipes (last name N-Z)   
  •  These supplies will be kept in the Art room and are separate from the regular classroom supplies