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Mystery Reader

Mystery Readers

Becoming a Mystery Reader is an opportunity in which we have special guests such as parents, grandparents, or other relatives come to our room to read a story to our class. It begins with you signing up during Open House for a Friday in the month of your choice. A week or two prior to your scheduled day I will send home a reminder. At that point I will also request for you to send in five clues about who you may be (without giving it away). No need to panic! On your reminder paper I will give you ideas for clues. The book you read can be one of your choice from home or you can choose one of our classroom books. Remember, this is a mystery, so even your child cannot know. Finally, I have to say, that the boys and girls LOVE this and really look forward to it. During the week of your visit, I am asked repeatedly by the students to read the new clue. I think they like the "mystery" of it all as much as they like the visit. Please sign up as a mystery reader, and give the boys and girls a wonderful literary experience. By the way, siblings are also able to be mystery readers.