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"Did you know that Darwin and Tolstoy were considered ordinary children? That Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers of all time, was completely uncoordinated and graceless as a child?  That the photographer Cindy Sherman, who has been on virtually every list of the most important artists of the twentieth century, failed her first photography course?  That Geraldine Page, one of our greatest actresses, was advised to give it up for lack of talent?"         ~Carol S. Dweck
""Many of the most accomplished people of our era were considered by experts to have no future, Jackson Pollock, Marcel Proust, Elvis Presely, Ray Charles, Lucille Ball, and Charles Darwin were all thought to have little potential for their chosen fields."      "Maybe the experts were right- maybe they were not yet the people they were to become."        ~ Carol S. Dweck
So what was their secret?  They all had a GROWTH MINDSET!
As a fellow parent and teacher, I invite you to join me in helping our children thrive on challenges and view failures as a chance to grow.