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What will I be doing in 6th grade Mathematics?

In 6th grade students build off of 5th grade skills along with learning some new concepts.  Our units for the year include:
-Arithmatic Operations
-Ratios and Proportions
-Negative Numbers 
-Expressions and Equations
-Data and Statistics 
We will start working with variables this year, which is the beginning of abstract math.  It comes easy for some, but is difficult for others, so please be aware of that going in.  Hopefully the year will be a fantastic and fun transition without too many bumps in the road.

What is Khan Academy and why will I be using it this year?

Khan Academy is a non-profit website created by Sal Khan who is an extremely knowledgeable in several math and science areas.  It started off as just creating videos to help college students through class.  It has since become a phenomenal resource that has exercises, interactive lesson walk through articles, and videos that can help any student and/or parent who needs reinforcement or a refresher on how to do certain types of math.  It can also help parents who "weren't taught that way in school" the ideas of "new math" and exactly why we are teaching things a little differently according to the common core standards.  Almost all homework assignments will be assigned through this website and I highly encourage for every parent to add their student as a "child" on their own account so they too can track their child's progress through our time in class.