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Math: Feb. 19-22

We are continuing with Module 4 this week.  We will be completing lessons 15-19 (we will skip lesson 16).  The end of module test comes after lesson 33.
Tuesday, Feb. 19: Module 4 Lesson 15: Students will multiply non unit fractions by non unit fractions.  (this means multiply fractions with different denominators)  
Example: 4/9 x 3/10 = 12/90.  This is hard to simplify so I'll teach then to simplify within the problem.  It will then become 2/5 x 1/3 = 2/15.
Wednesday, Feb. 20:  Module 4, Lesson 17 (we skip lesson 16): Students will relate decimal and fraction multiplication. 
Example:  0.1 x 0.1 = 0.01    or 1/10 x 1/10 = 1/100
Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019: Module 4 Lesson 18  Students will relate fraction and decimal multiplication
Example: 2.38 x 1.8 = 4.284        238/1000 x 18/10 = 4,284 thousandths
Friday, February 22: Module 4 Lesson 19: Students will convert measurements using whole numbers and solve multip-step word problems:
Example: 18 ounces = _________ pound.....18/16 = 1 and 2/16 or 1 and 1/8

Parents: If you are looking at videos, we are working on Module 4 lessons 15-19 I know that the math we are doing this year can be a little confusing. Therefore I am including this link to videos that show how each lesson is to be done.  There is a short 7-18 minute video explaining each lesson.  It will help you see what your child is doing in school and is good review at home each evening for your student. To get a menu of videos, click  Here .
Typically I give math homework every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I do not give homework on Friday's because I want students to relax on the weekend.  It is fine with me if students only spend 20 minutes on math homework each evening.  If they are unable to finish in twenty minutes I would like them to have a parent sign the paper so I know they did work for at least twenty minutes.




Example: 5 and 2/5 plus 2 and 3/5.  Add the whole numbers and get 7.  Add the fractions and get 5/5 or 1.  The answer is 8.