Math: Weeks of Feb. 12-16
We will continue with Module 4 this week.  Module 4 is on multiplying and dividing fractions. If all goes according to plans, we will be at lesson ten by the end of the week.  That means that the mid-module assessment will be next week.  I may take an extra review day, but the study guide may come home Friday or Monday.
Monday: I am going to try and combine lessons 2 and 3. Module 4 Lessons 2 and 3: Students will interpret a fraction as division.
Example: 8/3 is equal to 8 divided by 3, which is 2 and 2/3.   Or this story problem: A coffee shop used 4 liters of milk every day. If there are 15 liters of milk, how many days will it last.  The answer is 15/4 which is 3 and 3/4.  So they have enough milk for three whole days and 3/4 of what they need for the next day. 
Tuesday: The fifth grade teachers decided to omit lessons 4 and 5 so we will do Module 4 lesson 6 today.  Students will relate fractions as division to fraction of a set.
Example: Students are asked to find 4/7 of 14.  They need to realize that 1/7 of 14 is 2, so 4/7 is four groups of two, so 4/7 or 14 is 8/14.   
Wednesday: Module 4 Lesson 7: Students will multiply any whole number by a fractions using a tape diagram.
Example:  Students will use a tape diagram to solve 1/4 of 24.  So they'll draw a rectangle, write 24 on the top, divide it into fourths and see how much would be in each fourth.  (6)
Thursday Module 4 Lesson 8:Students will relate a fraction of a set to the repeated addition. Students will find a fraction of a measurement, and solve word problems.
Example: 14 x 3/7. To solve they take 14 x 3 and divide it by 7. so 42 divided by 7 equals 6. Another example is find 2/3 of an hour.  An hour is 60 minutes so one third is 20 minutes. Therefore, 2/3 is 40 minutes.
Friday:Module 4 Lesson 9: Students will find a fraction of a measurement and solve word problems. 
Example: Mr. Paul bought 7/8 pound of cashews and 3/4 pound of walnuts.  How many ounces of each type of nut did Mr. Paul buy?  How many ounces did he buy altogether?

If you are looking at videos, we are working on module 4, Lessons 1-2. 
I know that the math we are doing this year can be a little confusing. Therefore I am including this link to videos that show how each lesson is to be done.  There is a short 7-18 minute video explaining each lesson.  It will help you see what your child is doing in school and is good review at home each evening for your student. To get a menu of videos, click  Here .
Typically I give math homework every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I do not give homework on Friday's because I want students to relax on the weekend.  It is fine with me if students only spend 20 minutes on math homework each evening.  If they are unable to finish in twenty minutes I would like them to have a parent sign the paper so I know they did work for at least twenty minutes.





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