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About Keith Manos

About Keith Manos

Keith Manos is currently an adjunct professor in English at Lakeland Community College and a 39 year teaching veteran who has taught writing and literature to students, teachers, and writers for nearly four decades at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. With his guidance, his students’ poetry, fiction, and essays have earned them awards and recognition after being accepted for publication in local and national magazines.

In 2000, Keith was honored as Ohio’s English Teacher of the Year by the Ohio Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts, was named Who’s Who of American High School Teachers in 2005, and was inducted into the National Honor Roll of Outstanding American Teachers in 2006.

In 1993 Keith earned a Master's Degree in English (Creative Writing) from Cleveland State University. He has a Bachelor of Science from Miami University (OH) where he was the winner of the Greer-Hepburn Award for Creative Writing.

In addition, he previously served on the editorial boards of Greenwood Publications and Momentum Media Sports Publications, and his skill as a teacher of writing has enabled him to serve as an editor of various educational newsletters and student publications. He has also conducted many in-service seminars for writers, teachers, and coaches at Lake Erie College, Notre Dame College, and Lakeland Community College.

A writer himself, Keith has published ten books to date and is the author of many articles directed towards teachers and coaches which have appeared in national publications like Scholastic Coach, Wesleyan Advocate, School Library Journal, Teacher Magazine, Strategies, Accent, Athletic Management, Athletic Business, Lutheran Journal, and Wrestling USA, among others. His books Wrestling Coaches Survival Guide (1995) and Writing Smarter (1998) were published by a Prentice Hall, and Coaches Choice published four more books, including 101 Ways to Motivate Athletes. In October, 2015 Black Rose Writing published Keith’s debut novel My Last Year of Life (in School).

Keith is a former wrestling coach and athletic director at Richmond Heights (OH) High School. In 2009 Keith was inducted into the Ohio Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame after tenure of coaching that includes being named Ohio Wrestling Coach of the Year in 1988, Head Coach of the U.S.A. All Star Wrestling Team in 1989 (vs. the Oklahoma All Stars), and head coach of the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team in 1991. The Greater Cleveland Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association awarded Keith their Coach of the Year award in 1989 and their Award of Merit in 2002, and the Ohio High School Athletic Association honored Keith with their State Award in 2013.

Keith lives in Willoughby with his wife and three children.

CCP English. 1110 Syllabus

ENG 1110 CCP– English Composition 1

Fall Semester, 2017 

Instructor:                   Keith Manos

Class:                          Black Block 2 Schedule                      

E-mail:                         kmanos@lakelandcc.edu

Phone:                         440-352-3341 (Riverside HS phone number)

Office Hours:              By appointment (typically either before or after class)

 Required Texts:  Literature and the Writing Process 10th Edition by Elizabeth McMahan, et.al. and A Writer’s Reference 6th Edition by Diana Hacker

Course Description: This course focuses on the reading and writing process, especially expository writing assignments, including personal, informational, and critical essays. Students will read and analyze literature that includes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. This course is designed to develop and sharpen writing, reading, and critical thinking skills.  Students are expected to produce insightful and academic writing based on reflection, observation, analysis, and some research.  Composition work is done both out of class and in class, where students are expected to engage in self-assessment, share their writing with classmates, and respond critically to each other’s work in a peer editing format.

General Objectives: Students in ENG 1110 are expected to:

1.         Recognize and correct grammatical, mechanical, and usage errors in their own writing.


2.         Write clear, effective, and complete sentences in paragraphs and essays. 


3.         Produce writing, especially coherent paragraphs in the context of multi-paragraph essays, that is organized, coherent, and unified in terms of its context and content.


4.          Recognize effective writing strategies and demonstrate an understanding of the prewriting (free writing, brainstorming, mapping, listing, informal outlining), drafting, proofreading, editing, and publishing stages of the writing process.


5.          Identify purpose and audience in a several writing genres.


6.          Respond critically and analytically (including interpreting, synthesizing, and conveying  ideas and information) to assigned readings and write critical essays based on them by their due dates.


7.          Cooperate effectively and respond constructively in peer exchanges, including group work where they listen actively, demonstrate understanding, and respond constructively to others' written drafts and oral comments.


8.         Compose multi-paragraph essays of increasing length and complexity with emphasis on analytical and critical writing while developing a clear, precise, and engaging writing style using Standard English.


9.         Increase their confidence to write and revise with clarity, originality, and authenticity and to engage in self-evaluation to identify their own weaknesses and strengths as writers.


10.       Participate regularly in class discussions and debates related to course work.


11.        Evaluate, analyze, and access available library and technology resources, using effective search strategies to analyze critically information; and then to use and manipulate this information responsibly, ethically, and legally.


12.       Demonstrate an honest academic approach to all course work.

 Attendance Policy:    You are expected to be in class on time.  Any absence or tardiness must be excused with me by phone (text), e-mail, or personal contact before the class begins.  Your final semester grade will be dropped one letter grade if you total four unexcused absences. 

 Missing Class:  Missing any class session, either excused or unexcused, can have an impact on your overall grade because participation is crucial.  In fact, points are awarded for participation in this class; participation points cannot be earned if the student is not present or has not signed in. If you must miss a class due to sickness. injury, or family emergency, you will be excused as long as I am given prior notification

A sixth absence, excused or unexcused, without a documented medical reason is cause for failure, if the sixth absence occurs after the withdrawal deadline.

 In-Class:  Each class will involve, but is not limited to, a timed writing assignment, cooperative learning, discussions, reading, videos, and an assessment activity.  If you are absent, you are expected to make up this work.  All students are expected to participate in class and to have completed the assigned reading and response paper.

 Keep every composition and response paper related to this course in your Writing Portfolio.  In addition, you must come to each class with a pen, notebook, folder, and textbook each class.

 Out-of-Class Readings:  Students are expected to complete the assigned reading and Response Paper, if assigned, before the next class session.   These Response Papers, typically 3-4 paragraphs in length, must be typed.  No title page is required.  The title is always the title of the literary work you were assigned to read.  Follow MLA format (see handout); here is an example: 

Lebronny Jameston                                                                                Jameston 1                                                                                         

Professor Keith Manos

 English 1110

 August 28, 2017

                       “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love” by Raymond Carver

    Raymond Carver in his story “What We Talk about When We Talk about Love”

 presents characters who . . .



Formal Writing Assignments:  You will have five formal writing assignments.  In each, you are expected to follow composition guidelines and complete multiple drafts as needed.  These drafts are part of the overall assessment for each assignment.  Multiple drafts, in fact, are expected.

Plus, you can revise and re-submit any paper (or Response Paper) more than once to receive additional points. Unfortunately, this does not include the final paper of the semester.

 All written work outside of class must follow these standard guidelines:


§ Typed

§ Font = Times New Roman or Cambria

§ Regulation sized white paper with one inch margins

§ Stapled upper left hand corner


No late work is accepted!  If you see that you cannot meet an assignment deadline, then make a prior arrangement with me.   If you must miss a class, e-mail me your paper to my Lakeland CC email address as an attachment that day or the night before the assignment is due.  Moreover, there are no incompletes in this class.  All work must be completed by assigned deadlines.

Plagiarism:   Plagiarism will be penalized by a failing grade.  Failing to authenticate your written work, as requested, can result in failing the course. You are expected to show academic and personal integrity.  Any act of academic dishonesty or cheating by a student will not be tolerated and will result in zero points for that assignment. Refer to your Student Handbook for an extensive explanation about the consequences for plagiarizing or showing academic dishonesty. 

Class Behavior:  Students are expected to show respect for the teacher, classmates, and Lakeland Community College at all times.  Any misbehavior, disruption, or disrespect will not be tolerated and could prompt that student’s removal from class.  See Classroom Etiquette handout.

Email Etiquette:  Include a meaningful subject line.  Employ an appropriate greeting, not Hey, Mr. Manos.  Use standard English usage, spelling, and grammar.  Get immediately to the point you wish to address.  If sending an attachment, be sure to refer to it (i.e., I have attached . . .).

 Do not ask, “What did I miss in class?”  This information is on the Course Schedule.  

 Evaluation Policy:     Students grades are based on the following:

                                   Participation / Cooperative Learning:              14%

                                    Response Papers (assigned readings):          18%

                                    Quizzes:                                                                   8%

                                    Personal Narrative                                               20%

                                    Literary Analysis Paper                                        20%

                                    Hero Reflection Paper:                                        20%

Grades:         A = 90 – 100% on the paper, quiz, or test.

                        B = 80 – 89%

                        C = 70 – 79%

                        D = 60 – 69%

 Disabilities: Lakeland Community College is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities. The Student Accommodation Center works with students with documented disabilities to provide and/or arrange reasonable accom-modations. If  you have a disability (e.g. learning, attention, psychiatric, vision, hearing, physical, or systemic) and feel it may create a barrier  to your education, contact the Student Accommodation Center at 440-525-7020 or stop by the office, Room A-1042.

Federal Compliance Statement:  It is expected that students will spend two to three hours minimally outside of the classroom performing course-related work such as reading, research, homework, and other academic work for every hour of instruction spent in the classroom.

 End Note:  The instructor may modify this syllabus at any time and then inform the class of any changes as they occur.  It is the student’s responsibility to note these changes accordingly.  Also, students are advised to contact the instructor immediately for additional help in this course.  Other options include the Learning Center and Writing Center.


Lakeland Community College Learning Outcomes

Learns Actively

Thinks Critically

Communicates Clearly

Uses Information Effectively

Interacts in a Diverse Environment




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