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Industrial Fabrication 1

Shop Safety RHS

General Shop Safety

  1. Safety glasses, or face shields are required when in the shop At All Times.
  2. Leather shoes must be worn in the shop and must cover the whole foot. Sandals are not permitted.
  3. You must be shown the procedure and operation of a machine before you are allowed to use it!
  4. Never use compressed air guns to clean clothing, hair, or aim at another person. (Air can travel under the skin to the heart, stopping it within minutes)
  5. In case of injury, no matter how slight, report it to the instructor.
  6. Know the location of the emergency eye wash station.
  7. Know the location of all fire Extinguishers in the shop.
  8. Machines must be shut off when cleaning, setting up, or oiling.
  9. Do not wear ties, loose clothing, jewellery, gloves, etc. around moving or rotating machinery.
  10. Long hair must be tied back or covered to keep it away from machinery.
  11. Never wear gloves around moving machinery to hold an item, gloves are to be used for protection when welding and working with hot objects.
  12. Wear appropriate clothing for the job (bring coveralls or a smock if possible, wear pants and long sleeve shirt if welding)
  13. Never try to accomplish a task in a hurry, that’s when accidents happen!!
  14. Never participate in horseplay in the shop areas.
  15. All machines must be operated with all required guards and shields in place!
  16. A brush or special tool is preferred to remove cuttings from the work area. Never use your hands!!
  17. Use vice grips or C-clamp to hold small objects when using machines and hand tools Never have rags or gloves around rotational machinery.
  18. Keep your work area clean; a clean shop is a safe one.
  19. Keep the floor around machines clean from oil and debris. Oil will be cleaned up immediately!!
  20. Never, partake in the consumption of substances that alter your state of mind. This is very dangerous and any one caught doing so will be terminated from the class and reported to administration.
  21. Never rush or take chances. Obey all safety rules at all times.
  22. Heavy sanding and painting should only be done in well-ventilated areas, their will be an area of the shop designated for these types of procedures.
  23. Check the power cords and plugs on portable tools for damage before using them.
  24. Always store oily rags in an approved metal container.
  25. All students must fill out DAILY SAFETY CHECK LISTS!

*Students will need to fill out a Safety Check of List Daily! wk-grade 100pts if sheet is filled out correctly, and students were on task!


1st. 9wks

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2nd 9wks

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