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May...and the end of the Year!

I can't believe we are into our last weeks of 1st grade!  It's been a great year and I will miss ALL of these students a great deal this summer!  Thank you for an incredible year, you've been a great group of families to work with this year, as well! 
 Guided Reading:  This last round of guided reading groups I focus a lot on comprehension, fluency, and answering questions that are beyond the text but using the text to support your answer.  I will meet with 2 groups each day, and then meet with a few students to work on their Author's Tea books.  
Reading:  Our big focus will be back into nonfiction and looking at text features.  We will use a variety of texts -magazine, books, and the internet to learn about nonfiction features such as bold words, diagrams, maps, table of contents, index and more.  We will do a animal research project to start getting us ready for our trip to the zoo!  I will continue to read aloud chapter books.  This tends to help students find a character that they like and will want to read those series this summer.  Reading a chapter book with your child is great way to continue to build their reading skills!  Please, please, please, don't let reading slide this spring and summer.  You're child has worked so hard to get their reading level where it is and we want to keep it there for 2nd grade!
Word Study/Fundations:  As you can see we are not having word studies come home.  We are continuing through our Fundation phonics curriculum.  The students will be finishing up unit 11.
   Unit 11:  silent e to make vowels long and adding the suffix, -s and -ed to silent e words.
   Unit 12:  syllables and breaking the words into syllable chunks to help sound out the word.  
   Unit 13:  adding suffix -s, -ing, -ed to multisyllabic words, and adding -es to basewords with closed syllables.
Math:  We are finishing up our Module 5 about time, factions, and shapes and then we will move into Module 6! We work on addition and subtraction with numbers up 120!  We make tape diagrams, number bonds and break numbers into tens and one to help with addition and subtraction!  
Science:  We will finish up our Life science unit and then into our Physical science unit!  It's a fun unit that the students will enjoy making solar ovens!

March Update

Here's what's going on for the month of March!
We've kicked off the month celebrating Dr. Seuss.  We had everything from Mystery Readers to counting red fish and blue fish to making Oobleck!  It was a very fun week!
Word Study: 
Week of March 7th:  No word study
Week of March 13th:  Long o--"oa" and o with the silent e
Week of March 20th:  No word study
We will be working on Unit 10, which focuses on the vowel teams:  oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, ew, au, & aw.  The trick words for this unit are:  any, many, how, now, down, out, about, our
Math:  This month we will be finishing Module 4.  The last two topics are word problems with addition and subtraction within 20 and our last topic will be working on addition of two-digit numbers.  We will take the end of module assessment right before the end of spring break!  This module the students have been breaking into groups.  We do 3 rotations within those groups.  The 3 rotations teacher, paper, and math games/computer.  This rotation has been working well.  Some groups, I reteach the lesson or I am enriching the lesson.  
Writing:  We are underway in our realistic fiction writing unit.  The biggest idea we are working on his making sure our character gets into trouble, and by the end of the story our character needs to have solved the trouble.  Along the way, we set goals about our writing, use the word wall,  have a punctuation party and make sure our readers understand our story. 
Reading: Our unit is called "Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons"  The students are learning that fiction books are full of adventures.  We started off the unit reviewing  how to take a sneak peek and using the cover to help us figure out the characters and setting.  Then we use that knowledge to help us make good predictions before reading the book.  After that we start to read the book.  I am focusing on ALL of us to read a little, close the book, and to retell yourself what is happening!  Then open the book and start reading again.  Retelling is the hardest part of our benchmarking.  Not only do I ask them questions that come straight from the book, but I will ask them "beyond the text" questions, where they might give me their opinion or tell me why but they have to support it with something from the book! 
 Read a fiction book with your child then use these to help with a discussion about the book:
  • "I think.....because...
  • I wonder...because
  • Why do you think that?"
  • This part is really....
  • How does the character feel, why?
I spent a few days doing some reading level benchmarking the last two weeks.  I will be benchmarking everyone again before April 15th.  By April 15th, I have to show data that my students have met their 7 months of reading growth. If time allows at the end of the year, I will benchmark again to see what level they ended at for first grade.  Our goal is I/J for the end of first grade. 

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