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Quarter 2 AP Lit

10/19:  LOTF SG12 DUE, Plot elements and diagram
11/2: (1) Review Prompts: view student examples (2) Read Passage and Respond to ALL questions-- DUE WED. 11/4
11/3/2015 NO School- Election Day
11/4/2015 Collect "Ambush" HW, Tone Words, identify quotes
11/5/2015 IN-CLASS HRS - Shakespearean Sonnet
11/6/2015 Poetry (3): tone, sarcasm, irony, imagery
Please get a copy of Pygmalion by G.B. Shaw for Wednesday.
11/9- 11/13: EXAM Practice Skills M, T, TH : Poe, Thoreau, Twain, Dickens
WED: Quarter Assessment
Friday Stylistic Flair Packet
11/16: Stylistic Flair, Tone Poem (due WED)
11/17: Style, Con/Den words, Poem Lit Skills (Tone Poem and Pygmalion-- WED)
11/18: TONE poems DUE, Preface and A. Guide
11/19: ACT I Read
11/20: Complete study guide for MONDAY, Modern Transformations Link
11/23: SG ACT I- due, READ ACT II (stop after Eliza's bath)
11/24: Finish ACT II
11/30: Round Table ACT I (whole class), SG ACT II partners
12/1: Read ACT III, recap ACT II
12/2: Round Table ACT III, HRS prompts (due Friday)
12/3: READ ACT IV, gender roles / allusions
12/4: HRS (2) DUE, view "at-home", SG ACT IV (1-6)
12/7: SG IV due, Read ACT V (stop after Doolittle explains about wedding)
12/8: Finish ACT V and complete reading check 1-4 and 1-3 all parts
12/9: SG ACT V- small groups, review ACT IV SG  (Test Friday)
12/10: Review V, Epilogue and questions, TEST Friday
12/11: Test all acts I-V ** see note below
REVISION:  Due to the senior meeting, the Pygmalion test will be RE-SCHEDULED for TUESDAY. Any make-up times will be available during the make-up slots on exam days. 

Voting for Staff King & Queen is now open in Google Forms! Voting ends Monday.

Link for Students:   Voting is limited to students with a Riverside Schools e-mail and students may only vote once.   https://docs.google.com/a/riversideschools.net/forms/d/1AWO_MsybK5EsUkjOUDqyKJBFqa_TgwB3eP2qtEw591E/viewform?usp=send_form

    Quarter 1

    WEEK 5:
    9/21/15- complete SG ch 4 (due Tues), read and complete SG ch 5 (due Wed)
    9/22/15- Round Table SG ch 4 discussion, Lit Device Packet (notes), continue with ch 5 and SG
    9/23/15- SG ch 5 DUE, ID literary device sheet, read and complete SG 6&7 for MONDAY
    9/24/15- Return and Review: "Grover Dill" prompts and "Japanese Quince" Analysis, pointer sheet 
    9/25/15- "Smuggler" (see link for text pdf) answer 1-9, complete LOTF 6 & 7 SG for Monday
    WEEK 6:
    9/28- collect "Smuggler" 1-9 and LOTF SG 6&7, Round Table SG 5,
    Assign HRS: "Theseus" characterization and theme (due THURSDAY) 
    9/29- Independent in-class response
    9/30- Read CH 8 and complete question sheet,  "Theseus" Prompts due tomorrow
    10/1- Figurative Language Activity, "Theseus" prompts DUE, CH 8 due tomorrow
    10/2- COLLECT ch 8, REVIEW "Smuggler" and Round Table ch 6 & 7, Sweet 16 Survey

    WEEK 7:
    10/5: Writing Assessment, Literary Device Creations (partner- finish for homework)
    10/6: Recap ch 8, discuss Lit Ex, Rd and SG ch 9 (due WED)
    10/7: Character Symbolism, Other Symbolism and the SIX Hunts, Strat 7: Rhetorical Devices
    10/8: Read ch 10, ch 9-10 voc, lit dev, and comp questions (due TUES)

    WEEK 8:
    10/12: Steam of Consciousness, V.W. short story
    10/13: LOTF journals 5-10
    10/14: Read and SG ch 11
    10/15: Read and SG ch 12 (for Monday)