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Gehring, Jennifer


Welcome to my classroom!  I am excited to get to know you, or get to know you even better if I already knew you.  In my classroom, we will work hard to become stronger readers, and writers.  I promise that I will always put my best foot forward when I am teaching you, even at times when teaching becomes challenging for me.  (Believe it or not, school becomes difficult for teachers, too!)  In exchange, I want you to promise to always try your hardest, no matter how difficult it may be for you.  I will never expect you to be an expert at something that is new or difficult for you.  However, you owe it to yourself to learn something new or hard.  When you arrive to my room every day, I promise to greet you with a loving smile and treat you like you are one of my very own children.  Courtesy and respect are important to me, so I expect each one of my students to arrive ready to learn and to treat every other student and adult in the room as he / she wants to be treated. I am excited for the fun year we have ahead of us!  Welcome to our classroom.