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Physical Health and Wellness Course Description

Physical Health and Wellness Course Description During the semester, my intent is to share/teach content to which will aid in providing factual information and also assist students in pursuing a healthy and fit lifestyle. The purpose of this course is to lay the foundation for building lifelong health skills and reinforce ways to practice skills that help individuals make positive choices for both today and the future.

Listed below are topics/unit that will be addressed in the classroom setting:
Understanding Health and Wellness-- Mental and Emotional Health--Healthy and Safe Relationships--Nutrition and Physical Activity--Personal Care and Body Systems--Growth and Development—Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco--Diseases and Disorders--Safety and Environmental Health

Listed below are some of activities/units that will be addressed in both indoor and outdoor Physical Education class settings:
Physical Fitness, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Handball, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Ping Pong, Badminton, Softball, Floor Hockey

Course Rules and Expectaions

Course Rules and Expectaions

John R Williams- Grade 8 Health and Physical Education

Second Semester 2015-2016

Course Information

This course is designed to combine the content areas of both Physical Education and Health Education.  This semester course will be offered to eighth grade students attending Riverside Local Schools.  This course focuses on a fitness and health-based curriculum that delivers concepts through physical activity-based lessons, projects, and community resources/speakers supplementing health related topics.  Understanding the importance of fitness and nutrition as it is related to health is a top priority of the curriculum.  Physical Health and Wellness prepares students for a healthy lifestyle by giving them a solid foundation of how to maintain and/or improve their fitness levels.  Students will develop fitness and nutrition goals, record exercise and food intake in a log, and create a work out and nutrition plan for themselves.  Additional topics such as body systems, mental health, relationships, alcohol/drug/tobacco awareness, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and other current health issues will be discussed.  Students will also engage in both indoor and outdoor activities promoting physical fitness.  Students will participate in both individual and group games/sports such as soccer, volleyball, football, handball, basketball, floor hockey, and softball.


***Mrs. Schar’s 3 Simple Rules for PE/Health***


2.       DO YOUR BEST


Beginning the Class

  • Be in your seat/gym ready with class supplies when the bell rings
  • Tardiness will not be tolerated!!!
  • Have materials and assignments with you when the bell rings. 
  • Students will not be permitted to go their locker for forgotten materials.  You must come to class prepared!

Student Behavior

  • Any behavior that disrupts the learning environment will not be tolerated.
  • Students are to be respectful of others (teachers, guests, and classmates)
    • 3 Strikes and You’re Out
      • 1st Offense-  Verbal Warning
      • 2nd Offense- 5 minute time out and teacher/guardian contact
      • 3rd Offense-  Sit Out of Class/Activity and an after school detention

Materials Needed

  • PE Days- Athletic shoes and proper PE class attire
  • Health Days- Pencil/pen, folder, and Chrome book
  • Textbooks will be kept in the room and can be ‘signed out’ as needed over night
    • UNPREPARED FOR CLASS- 3 Strikes Policy
      • 1ST Offense- Verbal Warning and no participation in PE activity (alternate make up assignment will be given)
      • 2nd Offense- Verbal Warning, Call Home, No Participation in PE, NO points for the day will be earned
      • 3rd Offense- All of the above and Detention


PE Class Attire-    You must bring your gym clothes and shoes to class each day for PE.  The clothes you wore to school ARE NOT to be worn for Physical Education class, your gym clothes ARE NOT to be worn to your other classes.

  • T-SHIRTS; Loose fitting, crew neck t-shirt that covers the entire midsection and is longer than to your waist, must have regular t-shirt sleeves
  • BOTTOMS; Loose fitting shorts or sweat pants that go pass mid-thigh AND do not touch the ground;

NO Tight fitting pants of any kind.  NO YOGA PANTS or LEGGINGS (unless loose fitting shorts are worn also)…NO Shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh.

  • FOOTWEAR; Tied athletic shoes with socks, shoes need to provide foot stability and safe non slip grip on the floor;  NO Shoes without laces or untied laces


Homework, Class Work, Quizzes, and Tests

  • You collect points for every assignment and activity
  • Students will earn points for fitness testing and skills testing
  • Individual and group projects will be given that reinforce learning
  • Homework, notes, quizzes, and, tests must be kept an organized notebook/binder!
  • Both quizzes and tests will be given.  You will have a minimum of a two day notice before major tests.
  • A comprehensive final will be given.


Test/Quiz Corrections

  • Corrected tests and quizzes can be re-submitted to earn half credit back for missed errors


Absent Work

  • Students are responsible for seeing the teacher for papers, assignments, and notes.
  • Please refer to the google class room for educational materials.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to turn in make-up work.
  • There will be alternate assignments for students who are unable to participate in physical activity or are absent on activity based days.
  • If a student is unable to participate in PE for 1 to 5 days they will complete an alternate assignment recording physical activity completed on their own time
  • If a student is unable to participate in PE for more than 5 days, then a teacher/student conference will be held to determine an alternate assignment.  The student’s guardian will be contacted about the requirements for the assignment.
    • Sample make assignments can be found on Mrs. Schar’s Teacher Web Page.

At the End of Class                               

  • Take time to organize your materials and personal belongings
  • Write homework down in a student planner
  • Stay in your seat/gym until the bell rings


Grading Scale

·         Grades will be calculated by accumulating points

·         Percentage =  Number of points earned  / Total possible points

A= 90-100%          B= 80-89%            C= 70-79%            D= 60-69%            F= below 59%

Ms. Jill Schar
Health and Physical Education
email: jill.schar@riversideschools.net
phone: (440) 352-3341 x7258