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Mr. Field's House

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What's Happening?!?:
  Big Changes:
 Third Grade is now a two teacher team. Mr. Field will be teaching all ELA (Reading/Writing) and Social Studies. Mrs. Ford will be teaching all Math and Science.
This will be updated as often as possible. The big thing is simply to READ. If your student struggles, practice is key. They will be practicing here, but they must practice at home to truly be successful. 
Social Studies:
Quiz on Tuesday, Oct. 16th. Study Guides available at the bottom of the page.
Study Guides: Are below, above the pictures.

Reading?!?! Follow our Steps for Success:

We have been working on "rules for reading". These rules will help students ensure they are comprehending what we are reading. Please remind students of these rules when they are doing a homework assignment. Also, it is always a great idea to ask your son/daughter about what they are reading and asking them to summarize it for you.

Step 1: Read the Questions! (gives us a purpose for our reading)
Step 2: Read the Story!
Step 3: Re-read the Questions and the Story (yes all of it)
Step 4: Highlight Important Information in the Story (do NOT color)
Step 5: Answer the Questions!
Remember, you must be able to PROVE IT!

Grading of classwork ! What do I (Mr. Field) want?
-I want the students to use the reading steps we practice in class (found below). I want them to be able to prove (and support) their answers with exact evidence from the article/story. All written answers MUST be written in complete sentences. We have practiced and will continue to practice this in class. Using part of the question and exact wording from the articles will help make this easier.

Dear Parents,
I would like to thank you for your continued support of what we are working on in class. I appreciate your support in continued support in driving towards independence and personal ownership of our education and learning.


Mr. Field