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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long can I expect my student to be sitting in front of a computer all day? And is it all live sessions?
 A. Students will be required to attend live sessions Monday through Friday as well as complete work independently outside of the live sessions. The goal is to mirror the online day with a regular school day. Students and families can expect to be online for about four to five hours per day depending on their grade level. Pages 15 and 16 of the Reopening Guide have been updated to add more information about the instructional day, however, a summary can be seen below.
For students in grades K-6, the instructional day will be approximately 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., but that does not mean your child will be online that entire time. The individual classroom teacher will set the schedule during that time frame, and there will be 30 minutes for lunch & a 30 minute break time set in. How those five hours are structured will be up to the individual teacher. Each teacher will share a daily schedule with their class, prior to the start of the school year.
For students in grades 7-12, the instructional day will mirror a typical day at Riverside Campus. The Instructional day will be approximately 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with scheduled breaks in between. However, some AP and Honors classes may start before 9 a.m.
 Q. What classes will not be offered at the middle school and high school level?
 A. For the middle school and high school level, at this point, we can only guarantee core classes to stay on course with graduation requirements. Depending on staffing, we may be able to offer additional electives and honors classes, but that this time, we cannot guarantee which classes will or will not be offered. It is hard to finalize class schedules until we know how many students are enrolled into remote learning. The remote learning option is being offered for families who are uncomfortable sending their children back to school. It simply isn’t possible to offer every class remotely as we would in a traditional setting.
 Q. Will AP classes be offered? 
 A. The District will offer AP classes for remote learners. It is important to note, regardless of whether or not a student is enrolled into an AP course, they can still take the AP test.
 Q. If my middle/high school student participates in remote learning, are they able to participate in choir and band during the day?
 A. Students enrolled into the remote learning option will not be able to participate in band or choir during the day.

Q. Why can’t the District just stream the in-person classes live to the students learning at home?
 A. The District does not have the devices, cameras, streaming and audio equipment for all classrooms throughout six buildings to provide adequate instruction in an effective manner.  
 Q. Will all students be assigned a Chromebook?
 A. Yes, every student enrolled in remote learning will be issued a Chromebook.
 Q. Is the online curriculum going to be a program purchased by the District or is the District implementing its own program?
 A.  The Remote Learning Academy will be taught by Riverside teachers using Riverside curriculum.
 Q. If I choose the online option for the first semester, but return to school for the second semester, will my child have the same teacher?
 A. No. The District will have staff specifically assigned to remote learning and staff specifically assigned to in-person learning.
 Q. Other than a device, what other supplies will be needed for remote learning? Should families go off the same supply lists for in-school learning for distance learning?
 A. Standard school supplies (pencils, pens, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.) will be needed, but the overall list will likely be modified. A supply list for remote learners will be sent to families closer to the start of the school year.
 Q. Can elementary students participate in specials if they choose to do remote learning?
 A. This will depend on staffing.
 Q. How will attendance work with remote learning? What if I have to leave during the day and take my child with me? 
 A. Students will need to be available throughout the day to attend live daily lessons. If students are leaving throughout the day and missing live lessons, they will be marked absent.

Q. Can Riverside Campus remote learners still participate in Marching Band?
 A. Yes. Given the circumstances, remote learners will be allowed to participate in Marching Band for the fall of 2020.

Q. If my student is enrolled into the Riverside Remote Learning Academy but is not guaranteed honors classes, can we re-enroll our student into honors classes if we choose to have our student return to school for the second semester?
 A. Just because a student does not take honors classes during the first semester, does not mean they will not be able to enroll into honors classes in the future when they do return to school. For most cases, this will be possible. However, this may involve a conversation between a family and the student’s school counselor to ensure that the transition is appropriate.
 Q. If the entire District is forced to transition to remote learning at any point during the first semester, can those who initially signed up for the Riverside Remote Learning Academy join a remote honors class?
 A. For staffing purposes, and consistency, there will be no crossover between the Riverside Remote Learning Academy and online classes offered to the rest of the District if we are forced to go 100% remote.