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Barb Dostal
Sixth Grade Art 
LaMuth Middle School 
Email Address: Barbara.Dostal@Riversideschools.net

Phone: 354-4394

I truly believe...EVERYONE CAN DRAW!

For Success... Attitude Is Important As Ability!

6th grade Art offers a wide range of visual art experiences based on the elements of design: line, shape, form, space, texture, color and value. These elements will be key components of learning as students acquire new skills and techniques while using a variety of media through studio production. Students will explore the concepts of aesthetics and art criticism while discussing art and artists that have made significant contributions to society.
As older students now, you are ready to build on all the great skills you already have. We will continue to learn to see like an artist so that we can improve our drawing skills. Don’t forget—improving your drawing skills is like learning to play an instrument. Practice is everything! We will experiment with lots of different materials and processes, take creative risks and improve our craftsmanship. 


What are the Visual Arts?

The scope of the visual arts has grown over time. In addition to traditional drawing, painting, and sculpting, students learn about things like architecture, folk arts and crafts, computer graphics, and mass media production

Why study the Visual Arts?

The arts are a result of the unique ability of the human mind to make connections among the basic skills in social relations, natural science, technology, and language. Students learn to integrate knowledge and processes from many subjects to create and understand the world around them. Research has proven that involvement in the arts improves academic test scores.

Art Class Objectives:

Students will study and analyze different artists and styles of art.
Students will create and utilize a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas in their work.
Students will understand and apply art elements and principles of design in their artwork.
Students will utilize skills and techniques in a variety of two dimensional and three dimensional art to communicate personal meaning.
Students will reflect, revise and refine work in problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Students will reflect about their experiences and processes in art.

Classroom goals and guidelines:

Students will use the life skills of respect, responsibility, cooperation, common sense, problem solving, and pride in order to create a fun, safe and creative environment.
Each student will contribute cooperatively each day to ensure the materials get put in their proper place so the art room stays clean and organized.

Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to come to class on time and prepared.
Respect is a must! Respecting the feelings and artwork of others is absolutely mandatory.
Students will care for tools and materials and clean up at the end of each class period.
Horseplay will not be tolerated for the safety of everyone.
Students should do their best work ALWAYS!
A positive attitude and an open mind are a must!

Homework Assignments:  I don't usually assign homework, however on occasion I may ask the students to go home and practice, think or sketch so they are prepared for their next class.